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The Power of Positive Thoughts

Are you aware of how powerful your thoughts are?

Whatever you think about the most, you become! Here at Wings for the Heart, we strive to help you take control of your thoughts and improve them gradually so that every area of your life begins to mirror back the positive energy you are putting out.

Would you like to improve the quality of your life? Would you like to earn more money? Improve your health and feel better? Have more energy? Feel happy and inspired? Enjoy better relationships? All of this and more is possible when you learn how to gently guide your mind to focus on better and better thoughts.

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Featured Articles on Wings for the Heart:

The EASE of Alignment

Align with Your Dreams and GoalsWhen you're trying to attract great things into your life, it's crucial to be ALIGNED with those things. What does that mean, to be "aligned"? Aligned means being on the same vibrational frequency as your desires. The number-one indicator of your frequency is how you FEEL.  read more


Creating an EASY Gratitude Practice That WORKS

Daily Gratitude PracticeA daily gratitude practice can change your life in amazing ways, but too often people get very limited results from their gratitude practice.

The reason why many gratitude exercises fail is because you aren't generating genuine FEELINGS of gratitude - you're just THINKING about feeling grateful.  read more


Attracting Abundance vs. Allowing Abundance

Attracting Abundance vs. Allowing AbundanceWhat is the difference between attracting abundance and allowing abundance?  Why doesn't it seem to work when some people try to attract money and abundance into their lives? 

This article shares tips on the difference between "attracting" and "allowing" - and how to use both of them to create an easier, more consistent flow of abundance.  read more


Is Stress Taking Over Your Life?

Is Stress Taking Over Your Life?For most of us, life seems to become busier and more hectic with each passing year. Stress reduction is critical in maintaining good health; however, it is unrealistic to believe that anyone can live completely stress-free. Instead, a more realistic goal would be to eliminate the stress you can and learn effective coping skills to manage that which remains.  One way to accomplish this is through Relaxation Therapy. read more


Can Gratitude Help You Lose Weight?

Can Gratitude Help You Lose Weight?If you routinely complain about your body (hate your body, obsess about your body, feel embarrassed about your body . . . ) you may be sabotaging your ability to lose weight and keep it off. 

Learn how a simple practice of daily gratitude can not only help you lose weight but help you to truly love your body - every beautiful inch of it!  read more


Taking Care of You . . . 25 Ways to Self-Nurture

25 Ways to Self-NurtureSelf-nurturing is taking care of yourself. Many people put themselves at the bottom of their own list of priorities. The result is burnout, exhaustion and resentment. We are unable to be at our best if we don’t take time out for ourselves to rest, relax and renew.  Self-nurturing does not have to be difficult or overly time-consuming.  read more



Life is a mirror of your consistent thoughts.
- Napoleon Hill

Practice hope. As hopefulness becomes a habit,
you can achieve a permanently happy spirit.
- Norman Vincent Peale

Plant the seed of desire in your mind and it forms a nucleus
with power to attract to itself everything needed for its fulfillment.
- Robert Collier

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