Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

When you’ve got a case of the blahs it can be difficult to see an easy way out of them. By nature, emotions tend to feed off of each other. You might start with a mild sense of sadness when you first wake up in the morning, only to find yourself spiraling down into a full-blown case of doldrums as the day progresses.

Before you know it, you’re focusing in on every possible worst-case scenario, putting a negative spin on everything people say to you, and otherwise spreading misery wherever you go. Avoiding this chronic state of unhappiness can be as simple as taking action to lift your spirits before you start the downhill slide!

Here are 3 easy ways to do that:

1) Choose your attitude.

When you first wake up in the morning, remind yourself that the quality of your day is entirely up to you! Sure, unexpected events could happen, but even those can be kept in perspective by choosing the way you want to react to them. One little thing does not have the power to ruin your whole day unless you grant it that power.

Make a little checklist for yourself and place it where you will see it when you first wake up. At the top of the list, write this statement: “Today I choose to feel _____.” Below that, make a list of possible ways you can feel. Try adjectives like happy, carefree, peaceful, purposeful, confident, relaxed, serene, easygoing, loving, patient, kind, and so on.

Before you get started on your morning routine, read down the list and choose an adjective to describe the mood you want to keep all day long. Then keep reminding yourself of the choice you made if you feel yourself slipping occasionally throughout the day!

2) Start the day with positive input.

Just like consciously choosing your mood, you can choose to feed your mind uplifting material before it has a chance to absorb anything negative. Keep a stack of inspirational or motivational books by your bedside. First thing in the morning pick one up and open to a page randomly. Read the passage your eyes fall upon first, and take a few moments to reflect on how it pertains to your life.

You can also make this a more interactive exercise by journaling your thoughts and feelings about the passage you just read, or about anything else on your mind.

3) Step away from the emotions.

Volatile emotions can interfere with your ability to think logically and keep your cool. If you find yourself heating up emotionally when you’d be better off staying calm, remove yourself from the situation for a few minutes so you can detach from your emotions slightly.

Use positive self-talk to bring yourself back to a neutral place: “Okay, I’m getting a little upset about this, so I’m going to take a few deep breaths and get very calm and detached from the outcome of this situation.” Imagine taking a few mental steps back so you can see the situation clearly, and you should be able to engage your logical mind more easily.

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