Affirmations MP3

Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools you can use to improve your life, however, they need to be worded in ways that will not contradict your existing beliefs. These affirmation MP3s use gentle, positive phrasing to help EASE your thoughts in a better direction. They do not try to convince you that things are already the way you want them to be. That rarely works. Instead, these affirmations help you to start moving your attention away from the things that are NOT working for you, and help you to start focusing more on the things you WANT to experience in your life.

Simply listen to the audio daily and repeat each affirmation after you hear it, and you will quickly start to notice an inner shift happening! You’ll start to feel calmer, lighter, more confident, more peaceful, and optimistic about that subject. That is a sign that the affirmations are starting to work! Each affirmation audio runs between 10-12 minutes long, which makes them easy to squeeze in once or twice a day.

Choose from the following categories and start planting positive new thoughts in your mind!

Latest Releases:

Release Attachment Affirmation MP3

These affirmations will help you to release all emotional attachments to your desires so that you are open to receive them. Release resistance caused by emotional attachment, and begin to fully trust the universe to deliver your heart’s desires quickly and easily.

I AM Worthy Affirmation MP3

Start building a solid belief in your own core value with these worthiness affirmations. Embrace the truth that you are already worthy and deserving of all good because of who you are, rather than anything you do or don’t do. These affirmations will help you to remember that your worthiness is part of who you already are, start genuinely loving and appreciating yourself, feel good about receiving the good things you want, build the belief that you are good at your core, that you are worthy of love, abundance, well-being, and so much more. More info

Outrageous Wealth Affirmation MP3

What if you could begin seeing yourself as wealthy right now, and actually start to FEEL wealthy? These affirmations for Outrageous Wealth will help you to align with the feeling of outrageous wealth, begin seeing yourself as wealthy and FEELING wealthy now, use the power of your intention to choose wealth, build the belief that you deserve to be wealthy, focus on wealth that comes in fun and easy ways, feel joyful and free about your life, believe that wealth and freedom are your true nature, claim your rightful wealth now, feel grateful and blessed about the wealth that’s already yours, and much more! More info

Passive Income Affirmation MP3

Start changing your belief that money can only come to you through hard work, struggle, and sacrifice! This Passive Income Affirmation MP3 will help you to: tune into the FEELING of easy, passive income, allow income from FEEL-GOOD sources, believe that your income is always growing, open to endless possibilities for more income, receive great money-making ideas and opportunities, know that you DESERVE financial ease, trust that the universe is always providing for you, see money as a tool for GOOD in your life, see money as simply ENERGY that you can call in, hold the expectation that money comes to you easily, INTEND to be effortlessly wealthy, and much more! More info

Self-Love Affirmation MP3

These Self-Love Affirmations will help you to reawaken your natural sense of self-love, forgive yourself for past mistakes & regrets, be proud & grateful to be you, release self-blame & self-punishment, release negative self-perceptions, know that you deserve to be loved, let go of the belief that you must be perfect, see yourself as lovable just as you are, feel the truth of your worthiness, affirm that you are good to your very core, feel genuine love for yourself now, and more! More info

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