Raise Your Vibration in 30 Minutes

One of the biggest challenges people face today is a chronic LOW VIBRATION.

They’re weighed down by stress, worry, fear, frustration, and a pervasive feeling of powerlessness. Life feels out of control, and they don’t know how to make it better. Even if they try to make it better, the results they get are often… underwhelming. Their low vibration won’t allow them to access the success and joy that they really want.

Does this describe your life too? Or at least some parts of your life?

I have a secret to share that will change EVERYTHING for you in a very short period of time:


What is a “Vibration?”

Your vibration is the frequency or level of energy at which you resonate. Really, it’s the filter that you see your entire world through!

If your vibration is low, you will see and experience a lot of turmoil, struggle, lack, and problems. If your vibration is high, you will see and experience a lot of joy, abundance, ease and flow in all things.

How can you tell where your personal vibration is?


Your feelings are like giant, neon, blinking signs that show you EXACTLY where you are vibrating.

Simply put, if you don’t feel good, your vibration is low. If you feel good, your vibration is high.

So, how do YOU feel most of the time?

Like most other people, you probably flip flop back and forth between positive and negative emotions. You feel good about this one thing that’s going well for you, but this other thing is getting on your last nerve. If you’re worried about someone or something, you don’t feel good about it. If you just received some good news, you feel pretty happy.

These are all indications of your vibration.

But you need to understand one crucial thing:

You Can CHOOSE Your Vibration!

The scenarios I just described are all examples of external events or situations influencing your vibration, which happens to all of us. But you can also DELIBERATELY set yourself up with a high vibration by using the power of your conscious focus.

Your vibration is the direct result of what you are focused upon most of the time.

What do you focus on most of the time?

If you’re like most people, you’re focusing on your daily tasks and all of the obligations you need to juggle. You’re focusing on your interactions with other people, which may not always be healthy or pleasant. You’re focusing on money stress, and work pressure, and challenges, and problems, and fearful situations in the world around you…

All of this is completely normal, right? You can’t help but focus on this stuff because it’s part of your daily life. It’s right there in your face every day, so of course you have to focus on it!

But if that stuff occupies most of your focus every day, your vibration is going to be chronically LOW. You’ll be vibrating on the frequency of fear, anger, stress, worry, frustration, overwhelm, and much more.

Can You Spare 30 Minutes a Day?

What if I told you that you could dramatically raise your vibration in a mere 30 minutes a day? And what if I told you that it wouldn’t even take very long to see clear results from that little bit of effort? I’m talking a matter of a few days, even!

There are very simple, powerful focusing techniques that can help you to start bumping up your vibration quickly. I’m not talking about things like meditation or visualization or vision boards and stuff like that (although those techniques can help too).

But I’m talking about literally changing the way you think about yourself, the situations and people in your life, the world around you, and even your whole belief system, which will immediately start changing the way you FEEL, which will set up a new, very POSITIVE VIBRATION within you.

How Will a High Vibration Help You?

First of all, you will start feeling AMAZING! Imagine no longer being stuck in feelings like stress, defeat, anger, dissatisfaction, and fear. Imagine effortlessly feeling uplifted, inspired, free, happy, joyful, and passionate about life again. All of this is a byproduct of your vibration.

But it’s not just about the way you feel, it’s also about WHAT YOU ALLOW INTO YOUR LIFE.

Everything that you experience on a daily basis is directly tied to your vibration. The amount of money you earn, the state of your health, the relationships you have, your career, and the overall quality of your life is determined by your VIBRATION!

When you take control of your vibration and make it as high as you possibly can, you will start seeing spontaneous changes in your outer life that absolutely THRILL YOU.

Money flows easier, relationships improve (or wonderful new ones appear), your body feels good, solutions show up, exciting new ideas flow spontaneously, fun opportunities come to you, happy “coincidences” appear (they are not coincidences – it’s all vibration!).

Basically, the conditions of your life keep improving as you keep boosting up your vibration!

It’s the Effortless Path to Good

Most of us are used to struggling for what we want. We’re taught to work hard, sacrifice, make it happen, be determined, persevere at all costs! It’s true that we can sometimes get results from this approach, so I don’t want to put it down too much.

But there IS an easier way, a much more enjoyable way, a truly EFFORTLESS way.

By using the power of deliberate focus, you can generate tremendous amounts of positive energy that will carry you quickly and easily to wonderful outcomes in all areas of your life.

You will still take action, of course! But you will find that it’s EASY action, FUN action, EXCITING action rather than grueling, unpleasant, draining hard work like you may be used to.

By using the power of your thoughts, you can enter into a truly effortless flow of good. Focusing on good, feeling good, receiving good, focusing on more good, feeling even better, receiving even more good… You enter into a continuous cycle of positive expansion that benefits you and the people around you in every way.

Are You Willing to Commit?

Sometimes we resist the very things that could help us most. Either we don’t believe they can help us, or we get so used to being stuck in negative circumstances that we just accept it and deal with it.

But I want you to know that you have the power to change your life, starting right here, right now, whatever circumstances you find yourself in at this moment. And it will not take very long at all before you’ll start to FEEL and SEE the results with your own eyes.

But you need to be committed to the process. You need to be willing to take control of your daily focus and begin moving it in the direction you WANT to go, rather than the direction it has been going and is still going.

It’s not hard to do this, but it does take a bit of dedication at first. You have to WANT to feel better, and do the things that will make you feel better even if you are sometimes tempted to procrastinate a little bit.

But I will make you a promise. If you commit to this process of steadily TUNING YOUR VIBRATION higher and higher, before long you will become ADDICTED to the good feelings that you generate. And of course, once the outer changes start showing up, you will get even more addicted to those! ??

“My High Vibration” is 30 Days of Pure Magic!

In this previous live event, we took a 30-day journey to a super-high vibration. Every day for 30 minutes did a live telecall where we focused our thoughts on inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, soothing thoughts that began transforming our dominant thoughts and feelings.

Every call was recorded, and YOU can now download each of these MP3s, plus the PDF transcripts, even if you missed the live event!

During each recording, I’ll lead you in steadily TUNING your focus higher and higher. All YOU need to do is sit back, relax, and LISTEN. From time to time, I may ask you to repeat something, like a brief positive thought or a quick intention. But otherwise, you can just soak in the good vibrations.

More importantly, do your best to really FEEL the words I’m saying. These are not just MENTAL exercises, but FEELING exercises. The feeling part of it will come naturally the more you focus on the positive thoughts, but you can help facilitate the process by being deliberate with it right from the start!

Does that sound doable? Can you invest a mere 30 minutes a day to dramatically transform your mood, your mindset, your beliefs, and your entire life experience?

Here are just a few of the great topics covered:

  • Love
  • Money
  • Freedom
  • Deserving
  • Believing
  • Thriving
  • New Truths
  • Empowerment
  • Effortless Well-Being
  • Practice Receiving
  • Trusting the Universe
  • Positive Expectations
  • Soothing Resistance
  • Perfect Body Weight & Size
  • Passion & Creativity
  • And so much more!

What’s Included in the “My High Vibration” Course:

  • 30 MP3 recordings of the daily calls, each one approximately 30 minutes.
  • PDF transcripts of each call.
  • A step-by-step PDF guide on raising your vibration in any area of your life, or just in general.
  • BONUS exercise for releasing resistance, limitations, and faulty perceptions about yourself and your life (MP3 & PDF).

The World Needs More High Vibration People Like You!

Life seems to get more challenging with every passing year. People are scared, they’re tired, they’re frustrated, they’re stressed to the max, and they have real concerns about what’s going to happen next.

By deliberately tuning your own vibration to a very high, positive place, you not only improve your OWN life, you actually benefit everyone around you, and even the whole world.

With so much chronic negativity and fear and pessimism being flung around everywhere you look, the world DESPERATELY needs more people like you radiating good vibrations like passion, love, abundance, well-being, freedom, and joy out to the world.

When you FEEL better, you DO better, you CREATE amazing things, you ATTRACT wonderful experiences and people, and you are then in a position to actually BLESS this world in so many ways.

If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the world. 🙂