Blissfully Detached

The Art of Letting Go and Allowing Life to FLOW ~~~

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you almost couldn’t stand the thought of trying to live without it?

Have you ever been afraid that something bad would happen if you couldn’t get circumstances to go your way?

Have you ever lost something or someone, and felt like you didn’t know how you could possibly ever be happy again?

These are all examples of EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT.

‘Attachment’ is an emotional investment in a specific outcome.

For example, maybe you really, really need to get that great job you have been interviewing for.

Maybe you desperately need money and you are worried that your friend won’t come through in repaying the money you loaned him.

Maybe you are waiting anxiously to see the results of that pregnancy test, and you desperately hope that you are (or are not) pregnant this time.

These are all great examples of situations where you might feel a strong sense of attachment. You are ‘attached’ to the outcome being in your favor… or else!

Or Else… What?

At its root, attachment is really about CONTROL.

You need to make sure the outcome turns out in a certain way because you fear that bad things will happen if it doesn’t.

For example, you really need the money to come through because if it doesn’t you won’t be able to pay your rent and car payment. You really need that guy or that girl to be attracted to you because you can’t see yourself being with anyone else. You really need that job because you just know it would be the perfect fit for you and no other job will do!

Can you sense the desperation…the urgency…in each of these examples?

Attachment is purely about the FEAR that you will not get what you want. Not only what you want, but what you think you NEED in order to be happy.

You don’t want to feel like you have no control over the situation. Having no control makes you feel powerless, and no one likes to feel powerless, right?

Attachment vs. Detachment (Or Fear vs. Bliss!)

If you have ever been desperately attached to a certain outcome, object, person, or situation, then you probably already know what it feels like. It’s a heart-pounding, jittery, anxious feeling. It’s clingy and grasping, constricted and tight. It feels like panic, desperation, emptiness, and dissatisfaction.

In many cases, it can feel like a ‘life or death’ situation.

On the other hand, detachment feels like a sigh of relief. It feels freeing, open, expansive, and joyful. It feels like relaxation. It feels like ease and flow.

Detachment feels… simply blissful!

How Attachment Can Hold Us Back in Life

The biggest problem with an emotional attachment to something is that we truly believe that we cannot be happy without it. We place the responsibility for our happiness on someone or something else, rather than where it truly belongs, which is inside of us!

We fixate on the object, person, or situation that we think we so desperately need, insisting that nothing else will satisfy us. We say, “If I don’t get _, I will simply DIE!”

It feels that way sometimes, doesn’t it?

Not only will we usually not ‘die’ if we don’t get the thing we want so badly, but in many cases, not receiving it can be GOOD because something much better is waiting for us just around the corner!

Our fixation on one thing can block many other great possibilities because we won’t let go and open to something better.

Attachment and the Law of Attraction

If you know anything about using the Law of Attraction deliberately, you know the importance of letting go and allowing the universe to work on your behalf in manifesting your desires.

The more desperately you “NEED” something, the more it stays away! You simply CANNOT allow your desires into your life when you are clinging desperately to the idea of having them.

You cannot allow anything into your life that is not a vibrational match to your energy. If you are trying to attract something that would make you feel happy and free, you cannot resonate feelings of desperation and fear. Your energy would not be a match to your desire, so it will stay away.

But when you truly LET GO — ahh, that’s when the magic happens!

That’s when universal forces go to work on your behalf, delivering all kinds of wonderful surprises, opportunities, people, circumstances, and resources that will help you get exactly what you want, or even something better than you have imagined.

When you live in a state of blissful detachment, you OPEN to the many wonderful things that life has in store for you. But rather than trying to control every little detail, you simply allow a constant flow of goodness into every area of your life.

Not only do you start receiving things you really wanted, you start receiving things you didn’t even know you wanted, but you are absolutely thrilled when they show up.

Manifesting your desires becomes easy, effortless, fun, and fast!

How to Be Detached

Now for the hard part: how on earth do you get and stay detached from those things you really, really want? Are you supposed to just not want anything? Do you have to stop caring about the things that are important to you?

Absolutely not!

Desire is a natural part of life. It’s normal to want things. We see something we like, and we want it. We see a person we are attracted to, and we want to be with them. We see something that we think will make us happy, and it’s completely natural for us to want to acquire it or experience it.

Detachment is not about squashing your desires for everything good that life has to offer.

Rather, detachment is about releasing that sense of ‘desperate need.’ It’s about knowing that you are complete as you are, knowing that the world will not end if you don’t receive that one specific thing you’ve got your eye on.

It’s about TRUSTING the universe to provide for you and deliver the desires of your heart when the time is right, and knowing that you will be just fine in the meantime.

Most importantly, it’s about NOT basing your happiness on any external circumstances. Certainly, there are things in life that can contribute to your sense of happiness, but they are not the CAUSE of your happiness.

When you live in a state of blissful detachment, you are simply OPEN to the good things that life has to offer, and you are no longer crippled by feelings of fear, worry, doubt, or impatience.

You allow life to ebb and flow around you, feeling centered, secure, calm, and serene. Knowing that all is well, knowing that there is never any cause for fear, knowing that you are okay, despite whatever comes and goes in your life.

The Practice of Detachment

Detachment is a state that will require consistent practice for most people. It’s easy to say you are letting go, but it’s not that easy to do it, right?

  • How do you ‘let go’ of something you really, really want?
  • How do you ‘let go’ when you feel afraid?
  • How do you ‘let go’ when you feel powerless?
  • How do you ‘let go’ when your life is falling apart around you?
  • How do you ‘let go’ when there is so much riding on the outcome?

The concept of letting go and being truly detached is scary for some people. Even downright terrifying!

But…what if it could be easy? What if it could actually be a RELIEF, instead of being scary? What if you were to discover that being relaxed and detached feels more natural than being clingy and fearful?

What if letting go finally helps you to dissolve the blockages in your life and move into much better circumstances?

Yes, it’s possible! Not only is it possible, it’s the natural result of learning how to let go and detach.

Our course, ‘Blissfully Detached’ provides a gentle pathway to greater peace, prosperity, and joy in your life.

This is a 30-day course with daily inspiration, techniques, and tools that will help you to gradually and easily LET GO of the things that are keeping you miserable.

You will discover easy techniques for recognizing when you are emotionally attached, and gently releasing those attachments.

You will learn how to co-create with the universe on a much deeper level than you ever have before, and enjoy a sense of freedom and endless possibility as you do!

Most importantly, you will DISSOLVE the BLOCKAGES that have held you back for so long, maybe for years. You will enter into an easy ‘flow’ where things just work for you, without you having to force them to go the way you want.

‘Blissfully Detached’ will allow you to create your best life without all of the struggle that usually comes along with outer transformation.

This course allows you to make powerful INNER changes, which cannot help but transform every area of your life in beneficial ways.

A few of the topics we will cover include:

  • How to recognize emotional attachments quickly.
  • What those attachments REALLY mean.
  • Why detachment is not the same as ‘giving up.’
  • How to clear the resistance to detachment.
  • How to let go of something you really NEED.
  • How to let go of fear and worry.
  • How to neutralize feelings of fear and worry.
  • How to let go of the pain of the past.
  • How a sense of genuine acceptance can change everything.
  • Trusting that all is well, no matter what.
  • How detachment gives you back your power.
  • How to let go after a loss.
  • How detachment helps you manifest much easier and faster!
  • How to use the practice of detachment to improve all areas of your life, including health and wellness, money, work, relationships, and so much more!

Come along as we explore the power of truly letting go in many, many aspects of life, all geared to help you to live from an enlightened, centered, empowered state of mind.

Every day for 30 days, we will adopt the practice of blissful detachment and watch as it transforms everything, inside and out!

What’s Included:

  • Daily course lessons, tips, insights and exercises to help you develop a daily practice of detachment.
  • MP3 audios including guided meditations, EFT tapping exercises to clear resistance to letting go. (Full instructions included!)
  • Dozens of specific examples to show you how to apply these principles to virtually any situation.
  • Easier manifesting of things that are truly important to you – without all of the doubt, worry, strain, and struggle!
  • Increasing feelings of inner peace, joy, and ease in all areas of your life!

If you are ready to enjoy a sense of EASE and FLOW in your life like never before, this course will show you the way!