Manifest Your Desires with the Power of Your Inner Self

When you think of manifesting, you probably imagine techniques like visualization, affirmations, vision boards, and scripting.

These are all powerful tools that can help you attract great things into your life. Maybe you’ve even used these techniques with great success, attracting more money, success, love, and well-being.

But sometimes… they don’t work so well. Sometimes it seems like a struggle, having to spend time visualizing and saying affirmations… and you’re just not “feeling” it.

When this happens, it’s often because you are trying too hard to manifest from the physical aspect of yourself. Yes, you can draw great things into your life this way – SOMETIMES.

But if you have a lot of doubt, or if you are too focused on the material aspects of what you are trying to attract, it creates a lot of resistance and you end up feeling blocked.

Worse, your outer progress comes to a screeching halt and you can’t seem to move forward no matter how much you visualize, how many affirmations you say. Nothing seems to work like it used to.

Manifesting becomes much easier if you allow your INNER BEING to do the heavy lifting for you!

How do you manifest with your INNER SELF?

Manifesting from the perspective of your physical self involves using the very techniques I just described: vision boards, visualization, affirmations, etc.

Those techniques keep you focused on things you WANT to attract into your life, and they minimize your focus on things you DON’T want. As you keep focusing on things you want, your energetic frequency starts rising so that it comes into alignment with the essence of those great things you want to attract. And once you are fully in alignment… poof, they manifest!

These techniques do work very well most of the time, but they can require a tremendous amount of effort and discipline. You have to work at them every single day if you want to make progress. Another downside is that they can also generate a lot of RESISTANCE, which works against you.

Manifesting from a higher state of consciousness is much easier and “hands-off” in many ways, because you don’t really have to visualize anything specific, you don’t have to recite affirmations all day long, you don’t have to “work hard” at anything, really.

Instead, you tune into the power of your inner self, and let this expanded version of you lead you easily, step-by-step to the manifestation of all good things in your life.

Your inner self (you may be more familiar with terms like higher self, inner being, expanded self, or spirit) has already come into alignment with the essence of the wonderful things you have been trying to attract.

For example, if you have a strong desire to have a lot more money, your inner self has already expanded and BECOME the essence of wealth, success and plenty.

If you have a strong desire to find your ideal partner, your inner self has already expanded and BECOME the very essence of love and connection.

If you have a strong desire to be strong and healthy, your inner self has already expanded and BECOME the essence of vibrant well-being in every possible way.

So, why isn’t the EARTHLY you experiencing these things like your inner self is?

Because you are not fully connected to your inner self.

Actually, that’s not quite true. You are always CONNECTED to your inner self. That connection can never be broken.

But you can easily lose the CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of the connection with your inner self.

In fact, some spiritual teachers say that whenever you experience loss or lack in any form, it means that your connection to your inner self is what is lacking – NOT the outer material goods and experiences.

When you are fully connected to and aware of your inner self, you CANNOT be LACKING anything, period.

So, what does that mean?

In my experience, it means that once you start giving more attention to your connection with your inner self, and once you start working with your inner self to improve your life, you will be standing firmly in your true creative power, and your life will transform effortlessly.

When you come into alignment with the essence of your inner self, you automatically come into alignment with all that your inner self has BECOME, which is everything you have been desiring since the day you were born!

Effortless Manifestation

From this higher perspective:

  • Manifesting the success you desire becomes easy and natural.
  • Manifesting the love you desire becomes easy and natural.
  • Manifesting the well-being you desire becomes easy and natural.
  • Manifesting anything you want becomes easy and natural.
  • You simply align with your inner self, and the rest unfolds easily and naturally.

Our “Stand in Your Creative Power” course shows you exactly how to tune in to your powerful, brilliant INNER SELF.

If you have been struggling to change your life using the traditional methods of visualization, affirmations, vision boards, and other similar techniques, THIS is the key connection that’s missing.

Once you come into alignment with your inner self, manifesting your desires becomes truly effortless. You’ll know exactly what to do to and how to do it. You will have constant guidance from the one who knows you best – YOU!

What’s Included in the Course?

There are 4 weekly lessons in both PDF and MP3 format, plus soothing meditations (also in PDF and MP3), and fun, easy exercises… all geared to help you become more connected with your inner being, and use that limitless power to manifest your best life… effortlessly! You receive the full course up front, so you can work at your own pace.

Week 1

In the first week, you will discover why traditional goal-setting and manifestation techniques often fail, and why this process of connecting to your inner creative power is MUCH easier and more effective. You’ll begin the practice of tuning into your creative power, and you’ll receive a guided meditation MP3 that will lead you through the process step-by-step. Also included are some tools for helping you to clear extreme resistance like doubt, fear, and stress.

Week 2

During the second week, we dive deeper and explore the ways in which your inner self communicates with you, and how YOU can start communicating more deliberately with this brilliant, wise, expanded version of yourself. Also included are simple exercises that will help you to build trust that this part of you is absolutely real and it’s not just your imagination taking over, how to have a daily Q&A with your inner being to get answers to all of your questions, how to create a “shortcut” to connect with your inner self faster and easier, and more.

Week 3

In Week 3, you’ll begin the process of merging with this wise, expanded aspect of you, so that you can begin living more and more of your life from this higher perspective. We explore ways to integrate this process in your daily life, and how to use it to better navigate challenges, stress, and resistance in all areas of your life. A guided meditation is also included this week to allow you to practice the technique as often as you like.

Week 4

During the final week of the course, we explore the power of surrendering to your inner self (it’s probably not what you think!) and how doing so can fill your life with more abundance, joy, love, and happiness than you ever thought possible. We also put to rest the faulty belief that “surrender” means giving up power and control over your life, and why it’s actually the OPPOSITE of that. We’ll also cover some helpful tips for building trust in your inner being, and putting all of the techniques together into a comprehensive daily practice moving forward.

How much time is required?

Ideally, you will want to set aside 15-30 minutes a day to read or listen to the course material. Each lesson comes in both PDF and MP3 format. There are also guided meditations and fun exercises to help you assimilate the concepts. But again, you can definitely work at your own pace if you want to devote more or less time to it each day.

What Are Some of the Changes You Can Expect?

As you work through the material in this course, you will notice things changing for you. The exact results will be different for everyone, but in general you can expect benefits like these:

Greater peace of mind.

You may notice that you feel calmer and less stressed than you normally do. When you get connected with who you REALLY are, you feel much more in control, more centered, and more peaceful.

More happiness.

You may also notice that you feel happier for no apparent reason; even if things around you haven’t quite changed yet, you just feel better. (That’s a fabulous benefit of raising your frequency!)

Unexpected opportunities.

Don’t be surprised if you start receiving great opportunities “out of the blue,” and often in places you never expected them!

Spontaneous manifestations.

One of the most surprising benefits of being in tune with your inner self is that all of those things you’ve been struggling SO HARD to manifest for months, or even years will suddenly start manifesting on their own!

Once you release the resistance that was holding them back, there’s nothing blocking them so they can manifest easily.

Honestly, there are too many benefits to list here, but in general, just know that this course work is the key that will allow you to finally dissolve blockages and glide easily into a happier, more balanced, more fulfilling life circumstances.

I’m looking forward to helping you align with the most brilliant, beautiful, powerful aspects of yourself that you can imagine!

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