Money Magnet Affirmations MP3

You may find it hard to believe that you can attract more money into your life simply by changing your thoughts, but remember that the Law of Attraction simply gives you more of whatever you consistently ASK for. You may not think that you are “asking” for financial struggle, but if that’s what you focus on most of the time, you are absolutely ASKING for more of that.

The universe doesn’t judge the requests you send out. It doesn’t say, “Oh, this person is focusing a lot on financial problems, but they really want plenty of money, so we’ll just send them more money.”

The universe DOES say, “This person is focusing a lot on financial struggle, so that’s what they must want!”

When you start changing your focus from financial struggle to financial ease; from constant shortages to plenty of money; and from being a magnet for scarcity to being a magnet for MONEY, the universe will start receiving different “requests” from you and respond accordingly!

If you start affirming that you are a money magnet, that money is drawn to you from many different sources, that money comes to you easily and frequently, you will start attracting exactly those things!

Using targeted affirmations is a very simple, effective way to start shifting your thoughts and beliefs in a positive direction on the subject of money.

Our Money Magnet Affirmation MP3 can help.

There are 25 targeted positive affirmations that cover:

  • Believing that you CAN be a magnet for money.
  • Starting to FEEL like a money magnet.
  • Imagining lots of money flowing to you from many sources.
  • Seeing money as a TOOL that you deserve to have more of.
  • Trusting your ability to attract plenty of money.
  • and more!

There are 25 inspiring affirmations that are set to soothing music and looped THREE times. Repetition is a great way to help these new beliefs soak into your subconscious mind quickly.

How to Use These Money Magnet Affirmations

The affirmation MP3 is just over 10 minutes long, and all you have to do is listen once or twice a day (or more, if you like). Listen and repeat each affirmation. That’s it! The more you do this, you will be forming a solid belief that you can easily become magnetic to money and all good things!

P.S. Remember, attracting different circumstances MUST start with your thoughts first! When you change your thoughts, you form better beliefs, and your circumstances will start to change to reflect those new beliefs. The more consistent you are, the faster you will see results!

Get started now! Download these powerful tools and create the inner shift that will change everything.

Download the Money Magnet Affirmations MP3: