Feel Good 5

Feel Good 5: Why Do You Resist Feeling Good?

Do you ever resist feeling good? Do you believe that you shouldn’t feel good, and if you do, that something bad will happen? Here’s how to get to the root of those old beliefs and change them for good!

Feel Good 5: Change Who You Are, Not Just What You Do

When you want to create positive change in your life, you really need to change more than just your actions. This segment shares tips on changing your whole perception of yourself so that you start BEing that successful, happy person you were always meant to be!

Feel Good 5: Three Empowering Things to Say Daily

One thing that can keep you from feeling good is a chronic sense of powerlessness. Let’s face it; there is so much that you don’t have control over. But what really matters is what you THINK about these things that you can’t control.

Feel Good 5: Stopping Chronic Negative Thoughts

One of the most common complaints I hear from people who are trying to think more positively is that they can’t seem to shut off the constant stream of negative thoughts that take over their minds. Does this happen to you too? Today’s segment shares a simple way to turn that around!

Feel Good 5: Aim for Softer Good Feelings!

When you think about feeling good, you probably think about the stronger positive emotions like joy, love, bliss, excitement, things like that. Which are great feelings, but you don’t need to feel like that all the time. Aim for some softer good feelings!

Feel Good 5: How to Boost Low Energy

Do you sometimes struggle with low energy? That might be feeling tired physically, but also just feeling BLAH mentally and emotionally. You might be bored, disinterested in everything, life just feels flat to you. Here are my favorite strategies for boosting your energy.

Feel Good 5: Optimistic Self-Talk for Getting Unstuck

Try this simple self-talk technique to feel much more optimistic and excited about your life, both present and future. This technique is really helpful when you feel stuck and life just isn’t working out the way you want it to, but you don’t really know what to do to change that.