Feel Good 5: Change Who You Are, Not Just What You Do

When you want to create positive change in your life, you really need to change more than just your actions. This segment shares tips on changing your whole perception of yourself so that you start BEing that successful, happy person you were always meant to be!

Got Your Blinders On?

If someone accuses you of “wearing blinders” it’s usually a negative comment that refers to your inability (or refusal) to face reality or admit the truth about something. While it’s true that denial can be a bad thing if you use it to avoid growth or hide your head in the sand…

How to Boost Your Confidence

Boosting your confidence is often a simple matter of changing the way you see yourself. If you hold a negative self-image because of painful experiences from the past or constant negative reinforcement, creating a more positive self-image will help you to begin rebuilding your confidence.

It’s Time to Move Forward

Have you ever found yourself hanging back, waiting for the “right moment” to take action on something you wanted to do? You knew you wanted to move forward, you were practically chomping at the bit – but something held you back.

Be Bigger Than Your Challenges

When most people are faced with a challenge or difficulty, they tend to see it as overwhelming and intimidating. They can’t see a way around it, so they just stop. Stop moving toward their goals, stop striving to improve their lives. They give up and resign themselves to being a “failure.”

You Are Never Truly Stuck

Believing that you can’t change your circumstances is one sure way to feel powerless. You can spend all the time in the world bemoaning your job, your relationships, your finances, your lack of opportunities, or your streak of “bad luck”…

Let Your Light Shine!

This week something interesting happened to me. I made a gift for someone, and they absolutely loved it. As they exclaimed over it and admired it, they asked if it had taken me long to make it.