Feel Good 5: Optimistic Self-Talk for Getting Unstuck

Try this simple self-talk technique to feel much more optimistic and excited about your life, both present and future. This technique is really helpful when you feel stuck and life just isn’t working out the way you want it to, but you don’t really know what to do to change that.

How to Be More Optimistic (and Why You Should!)

If you have ever noticed yourself expecting the worst without clear reasons why, you were probably struggling with a negative thought habit called pessimism. Rampant pessimism can be annoying at the least and chronically destructive at worst.

You Are Never Truly Stuck

Believing that you can’t change your circumstances is one sure way to feel powerless. You can spend all the time in the world bemoaning your job, your relationships, your finances, your lack of opportunities, or your streak of “bad luck”…

Is it Positive Thinking or Just Denial?

Whenever I tell people about the power of positive thinking, some of them get the impression that “positive thinking” means pretending to be happy even if you’re not.

How to Overcome Stubborn Problems

Like most other people, you are probably not completely satisfied with where you are in life right now.
Hopefully, much of your life is working okay for you…

Don’t Worry; Get Happy!

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by worry, you know how difficult it is to feel happy at the same time. Worry and happiness are by nature complete opposites; they cannot co-exist.

Put a Positive Spin on “What if?”

When most of us get caught up in the “what ifs,” we take it to a negative place. What if this terrible thing happens? What if I can’t change this painful situation? But you can use the power of “What If” to attract some wonderful, inspiring new circumstances too!

Let Go of Problems to Feel Happy

Do you ever feel like your problems are taking over your life? It’s not uncommon for most of us to have a handful of problems or challenges that keep detracting from our happiness.

Bittersweet: When Bad Comes Along with the Good

In life, there are cycles of good and bad. Times when our lives seem joyful and easy, and times when we’re struggling through what seem like endless difficulties. Then there are times when the two seem to co-mingle.

Why Choose a Positive Outlook?

I received such a funny email this week, from a nice man in Minnesota who wishes to remain anonymous. This is all his email said: “Are you ALWAYS so upbeat and happy? You drive me nuts sometimes.”