Self-Love Affirmations MP3

Do you love yourself? No, I mean REALLY love yourself. When you think about yourself or look in the mirror, do you feel a genuine sense of love and appreciation for yourself? If not, it’s time to turn that around!

One of the deepest emotional wounds we can have is a lack of self-love. We have no trouble loving other people (sometimes too much!) but we ourselves feel UNWORTHY of being loved. We feel like we’re “not good enough,” or “not ENOUGH,” period!

We point to all of our flaws and imperfections, we beat up on ourselves, we speak unkindly to ourselves, and we try to PUNISH ourselves into being the person we believe we should be. It never works. We just end up feeling worse as time goes by. We end up feeling empty, disconnected, and starved for love!

Even worse, we keep seeking the love we crave from other people, and too often we are disappointed when they can’t (or won’t) love us the way we need to be loved.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to start giving YOURSELF the love you deserve! Everything in your life TRANSFORMS when you truly start loving yourself, from the inside out.

You start attracting people who actually do love and appreciate you for who you are. You start attracting the circumstances and conditions that will amplify your feelings of self-love. That can include everything from great partnerships, to more money and abundance, to great opportunities, to improved health and well-being, and much more!

Love is one of the highest vibrational frequencies, and focusing this loving energy on YOURSELF will not only make you feel wonderful, it will raise the vibration of every area of your life.

These Self-Love Affirmations will help you to:

  • Reawaken your natural sense of self-love.
  • Forgive yourself for past mistakes & regrets.
  • Be proud & grateful to be YOU!
  • Release self-blame & self-punishment.
  • Release negative self-perceptions.
  • Know that you deserve to be loved.
  • Let go of the belief that you must be perfect.
  • See yourself as lovable, just as you are.
  • Feel the truth of your worthiness.
  • Affirm that you are GOOD, to your very core.
  • FEEL genuine love for yourself NOW.
  • And more!

How to Use Your Self-Love Affirmation MP3

There are 50 affirmations that center around feelings of genuine self-love, appreciation, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Listen once or twice a day, and really try to FEEL yourself being filled with deep LOVE. Flow feelings of tenderness and kindness to yourself, and really allow yourself to FEEL loved. It takes a little practice, but you will get comfortable with it quickly! 🙂

PDF included with all 50 affirmations written out! BONUS! Also included is a free PDF guide with easy tips for Supercharging Your Affirmations and getting the absolute most out of them!

Download your Self-Love Affirmation MP3 and begin building the beliefs that will change everything: