Outrageous Wealth Affirmations MP3

Do you believe that you can CHOOSE to be wealthy?

What if you could begin seeing yourself as wealthy right now, and actually starting to FEEL wealthy? What if you could develop the belief that you already DESERVE unlimited wealth, and that wealth could come to you in fun and easy ways?

These affirmations will help you to:

  • Align with the feeling of OUTRAGEOUS wealth.
  • Begin seeing yourself as wealthy and FEELING wealthy now.
  • Use the power of your intention to CHOOSE wealth.
  • Build the belief that you deserve to be wealthy.
  • Focus on wealth that comes in fun and easy ways.
  • Feel joyful and free about your life.
  • Believe that wealth and freedom are your true nature.
  • Claim your rightful wealth now.
  • Feel grateful and blessed about the wealth that’s already yours.
  • And much more!

How to Use Your Outrageous Wealth Affirmation MP3

Listen once or twice a day, and really try to FEEL your wealth as being here already, and even better, open to a CONSTANT FLOW of more and more wealth from many sources! Imagine that it’s already your reality, and you feel great about it!

PDF included with all of the wealth affirmations written out! BONUS! Also included is a free PDF guide with easy tips for Supercharging Your Affirmations and getting the absolute most out of them!

Download your Outrageous Wealth Affirmation MP3 and begin building the beliefs that will change everything.