Love Yourself to Health

Many of us tend to see weight loss as an unpleasant necessity to reaching our desired goal. In order to achieve the size and weight we want to be, we have to restrict ourselves from indulging in the foods we love and enjoy.

Appreciation Exercise for Well-Being

Whether you are recovering from an illness, want to lose weight or simply get into shape, using the power of appreciation can help you to shift your dominant thoughts about your body.

The Importance of Relaxation

With the busyness of our hectic lifestyle, we often underestimate the power of relaxation. Most of us have a massive to-do list each day, and we feel we can’t afford to slow our pace or we’ll quickly fall behind.

Practice Soothing Thoughts for Wellness

Did you know that you can use the power of your thoughts to soothe yourself into a state of wellness? Whatever imbalance, illness or injury may be happening in your body, or even if you aren’t sick but you struggle to have enough energy or you feel run-down much of the time, deliberately moving your thoughts into a soothing place can instantly make you feel better!

Can Your Thoughts Heal Your Body?

I believe that our thoughts can not only help our bodies to heal, but our thoughts can even prevent us from getting sick. One good example is the well-known effect of stress on the body.