Easy Bill-Paying Affirmations MP3

Is paying your bills a stressful activity for you? Does it seem like you never have enough money to cover everything? Do you feel anxious and edgy when it’s time to send out payments to your creditors?

If so, you are definitely not alone! For many people, the harsh reality is that their income isn’t enough (or just barely enough) to cover their expenses, so sending those payments is a very stressful, uncomfortable experience that can linger for days or even weeks afterwards.

If you ever lose sleep over paying your bills, or even if you feel moderately anxious about it from time to time, you would benefit from choosing some NEW thoughts and beliefs that can attract better circumstances into your life.

Remember, whatever you keep thinking on a regular basis is what you will continue to attract into your life. If you keep insisting that you don’t have enough money to cover your bills; that everything is getting too expensive for you to afford; that you never have enough money left over after paying your bills; that you’ve got more money going out than coming in; then of course that is what the Law of Attraction will deliver to you!

BUT – if you start insisting that you always have plenty of money to cover your expenses, that paying your bills is a relaxing, enjoyable experience for you, the Law of Attraction will start shifting your physical circumstances so that your new intentions become true. Either you will attract an easier payment situation that relieves your stress, or you’ll attract more money so you can easily pay your bills. (Or both! The universe has unlimited resources that can come your way when you start changing your thoughts!)

Using targeted affirmations is a very simple, effective way to start forming some new beliefs on this subject!

Our Easy Bill-Paying Affirmations MP3 can help.

There are 25 targeted positive affirmations that cover:

  • Feeling calm and relaxed when paying your bills.
  • Allowing an easier flow of money to cover your expenses.
  • Intending that your bills are always paid easily and on time.
  • Always having more than enough to cover everything you need.
  • Feeling gratitude for the products and services you pay for.
  • and more!

There are 25 inspiring affirmations that are set to soothing music and looped THREE times. Repetition is a great way to help these new beliefs soak into your subconscious mind quickly.

How to Use These Easy Bill-Paying Affirmations

The affirmation MP3 is just over 11 minutes long, and all you have to do is listen once or twice a day (or more, if you like). Listen and repeat each affirmation. That’s it!

The more you do this, you will be forming a solid belief that you can easily pay your bills on time each month.

P.S. Remember, attracting different circumstances MUST start with your thoughts first! When you change your thoughts, you form better beliefs, and your circumstances will start to change to reflect those new beliefs. The more consistent you are, the faster you will see results!

Get started now! Download these powerful tools and create the inner shift that will change everything.

Download the Easy Bill-Paying Affirmations MP3: