3 Ways to Develop a Midas Touch

Do you remember the legend of King Midas, who could touch any object and turn it into gold? People who are successful or “lucky” are often said to have “the Midas touch” because everything seems to work out for their benefit. Even when setbacks happen, they somehow find a way to turn it around effortlessly and quickly.

When Manifestation is Taking Too Long

Have you ever tried to manifest something you really wanted, and it seemed to take forever? Maybe you’re still waiting weeks, months, or even years later? Why does this happen? Why do some things manifest quickly, and others seem to take way too long?

Go Bigger with the Law of Attraction!

You hear it all the time, “start small, attract a cup of coffee.” I’ve even said it myself, and it can work if you’re feeling overwhelmed about using the Law of Attraction. We’re used to thinking of smaller things being easier to achieve.