Opening to Receive

~ Release the Beliefs That Keep You Feeling Empty and Disconnected ~

Do you have trouble receiving wonderful things? If you aren’t sure, just look around at your life. What do you see?

Another way to tell is to ask yourself, “What was the last good thing that happened to me?” If you can’t remember because it’s been so long since good things have happened for you, you just might have a problem with RECEIVING.

When it comes to creating a meaningful, joyful, satisfying life, one of the most important skills you can learn is the ability to RECEIVE – without guilt, without hesitation, without regret.

Yet, this is one of the most difficult things for some people to do.

  • Do you have a hard time receiving good things in your life?
  • Do you get flustered when someone gives you a compliment or praise?
  • Do you feel guilty or embarrassed when someone gives you a gift?
  • Do you immediately feel like you need to give something in return?
  • Do you refuse help from others even when you really need it?
  • Do you even refuse to ASK for help when you need it?

Maybe your discomfort with receiving even goes deeper than these examples. Maybe you have some big dreams and goals you are working toward, but some little part of you deep inside feels like it would be wrong to achieve these goals, simply because you would have to accept the accolades, status, income, or other benefits that would come along with them.

Like many other people, you may have been taught early in life that it’s better to give than to receive. Of course, giving IS indeed a wonderful thing! No one is disputing that.

However, if you refuse to also receive, or if you tend to give much more than you receive, that causes a big imbalance that can create unpleasant problems in your life.

What Happens When You Have Trouble Receiving?

  • You may feel empty and depleted.
  • You may feel disconnected from other people and God/Source.
  • You may feel resentful toward the people you help.
  • You may feel unloved and uncared for because you do too much for others.
  • You may try to fill your inner emptiness with food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling, or sex.

Receiving Should Come Naturally to You!

Have you ever seen a child who has trouble receiving? I certainly haven’t! Children are naturally receptive. They eagerly accept candy, gifts, money, compliments, hugs, laughs, and all forms of goodness.

They never stammer and blush and try to sidestep a compliment. They never say, “Oh, no, I don’t deserve that wonderful toy, thank you anyway.”

They simply open their hands, open their hearts and RECEIVE whatever is being offered to them. They feel no guilt, no shame, no embarrassment about it.

Why, as adults, do we have such a hard time receiving?

Most of the time, well-intentioned adults in our lives have taught us that it’s selfish to take too much. That it’s better to give more than we receive. That we should be modest and humble.

And yes, some of this is true and necessary if we want to live in a polite, responsible society.

However, refusing to receive the good things we want in life is not going to help anyone. It’s only going to create a society of people who feel empty, depleted, and unhappy.

Receiving SHOULD come naturally to you, but like so many other people, the ability may have been “shamed” out of you so you no longer know how to do it.

The good news is that it’s easy to re-learn!

Receiving is really a SKILL that can be learned and practiced. And it’s possible to learn how to receive WITHOUT shame, guilt, embarrassment, or regret.

Earning vs. Allowing

Do you feel like you need to earn whatever you get? That you shouldn’t accept something unless you’ve worked hard to deserve it?

There’s nothing wrong with working hard for things you want, of course. But there’s also nothing wrong with receiving great things “just because!”

Have you ever received something that you didn’t have to work hard for, or achieve in any way? If so, how did you feel about it? Did you feel guilty about receiving it? Did you feel like maybe you should give it to someone else who needed it more than you did? Did you feel like maybe it was “wrong” to accept it?

If you feel even slight discomfort about receiving something without doing something to first “earn” it or “deserve” it, then you definitely have a problem with receiving.

Receiving and the Law of Attraction

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs combine to emit a specific “frequency,” and the Law of Attraction responds to that frequency by returning people, situations, events and experiences that match that frequency.

You attract into your life the essence of whatever you are focusing on, whatever you believe, whatever you are “broadcasting” to the universe at any given time.

What do you think happens when you have a hard time receiving?

When you have a hard time receiving, you are broadcasting a frequency that says, “I don’t deserve good things unless I work hard to earn them. I can’t possibly accept _______, so don’t send it to me because I don’t deserve it.”

The Law of Attraction doesn’t judge you. It doesn’t check to make sure you’ve “earned” whatever you are asking for. It simply notes your vibrational frequency and delivers things that match your frequency.

That means…it’s a simple matter for you to start practicing receiving and broadcast a whole new frequency, which will change the way the Law of Attraction is responding to you!

When You Learn How to Receive…

  • Everything begins to change in the most wonderful ways!
  • You start feeling truly DESERVING of the good things in life.
  • Feelings of shame, guilt, and regret fade away.
  • You feel fuller, more connected, more abundant.
  • You start ASKING for what you truly want, knowing that you will likely get it!
  • People start giving MORE to you, more often!
  • YOU start giving more to others, joyfully and freely.
  • Things you have wanted for a long time start showing up, effortlessly.

So… HOW Do You Start Receiving?

When you start practicing receiving every day, you get more and more comfortable with it! It starts to become second nature to you.

You create a new set of beliefs that say, “Yes, I deserve good things, even if I didn’t work hard for them. Yes, I am willing to receive the good things the universe wants to send me. YES, I am open to receive and it’s okay!”

The universe hears your new beliefs, senses your new frequency and says, “Oh, finally, here is all that stuff you wouldn’t allow in before!” ??

It’s very easy to start re-training your mind to see receiving as a GOOD thing, and you can get results pretty quickly.

Would you like to start down the path to effortless receiving?

This life-changing course, Opening to Receive will help you create powerful, positive shifts in your life over the next 30 days.

Each day we will focus on one aspect of RECEIVING, such as:

  • Knowing you DESERVE good things, without having to work hard or sacrifice.
  • ASKING the universe for exactly what you want – knowing you WILL receive it!
  • Believing that the universe WANTS to give you great things.
  • Expanding and OPENING your energy to allow goodness in all forms.
  • Releasing resistance and constriction in your energy system.
  • The crucial connection between giving and receiving.
  • Understanding WHY you feel compelled to give endlessly but not receive.
  • Affirming the truly UNLIMITED nature of the universe.
  • and much more!

Every day for 30 days, you will re-train your mind and practice being open to receive. You will enjoy quick and easy exercises that will help you shed your resistance to receiving, and you will create a solid set of positive, new beliefs that will help you to start opening to receive in all areas of your life.

How the Course is Delivered

Most of the course materials will be in written form (PDF) that you can download directly and access as often as you wish. There will also be some audio (MP3) meditations and exercises that you can download and listen along.

When you sign up for the course, you will be given access to a private members’ only mailing list and download page, so you can choose whether you wish to receive the daily lessons by email, or download them and work at your own pace.

Don’t worry if you are pressed for time!

These daily exercises will NOT take a long time! Most of them can be completed in just a few minutes, and some of them will be completely “portable” so you can do them at the same time as other activities. I wanted to be sure that this course would be super-easy to fit in with the rest of your busy life.

Everything You Want is Waiting for You

I want you to know that a “receiving” mind-set is just a different way of seeing the world around you. It’s a simple change in the way you think about yourself, other people, the universe, and the flow of abundance. When you start thinking about these things differently, your surroundings begin to change too!

In the next 30 days, you can dramatically shift your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on receiving. You can go from being a very closed-off, resistant person to being WIDE OPEN to all of the joy, abundance, and miracles that are available to you!

P.S. The simple exercises and techniques I will be sharing with you can be used daily for as long as you need them, even beyond the 30 day course! They are inspiring, uplifting, and wonderful frequency-boosters that can benefit you in endless ways!

This course is a gateway that will allow you to shed your self-imposed limitations and finally embrace the wonderful things you want and deserve. No matter which areas of your life you want to improve, these techniques will help you release your resistance, fear, and discomfort and FINALLY start allowing in the goodness you have been blocking…maybe for years!

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