How Specific Should You Get with Law of Attraction?

You’ve probably heard it said that you should be very specific when it comes to asking the universe for what you want because the universe can’t deliver on vague intentions. This is true, but it is also possible to get TOO specific – and end up creating blockages for yourself.

Being too specific does not limit the universe; it limits YOU by creating a preconceived notion in your mind. If your desired object or experience doesn’t fit your preconceived notion, you’ll block it!

But what if the universe has something even BETTER to send your way? What if this better thing would make you even happier than what you originally intended to receive? You don’t want to limit yourself that way. Instead, it’s better to remain open to the infinite ways the universe can delight and surprise you!

Below you’ll find some handy guidelines to help you know for sure whether you’re being too specific, or not specific enough.

Definitely be specific about:

The Object or Experience You Want to Attract

This is most often what people mean when they tell you to “be specific” with your intentions. You want to come up with as many details as you can about the things you want to attract. For example, if you want to meet your soul mate you could make a detailed list of qualities that you want him or her to have. “Great sense of humor; kind and compassionate; successful and motivated; respectful and considerate, attractive and fit;” etc.

The Essence or Quality You’re After

Once you’ve gotten clear on exactly what you want, consider WHY you want it. What essence or quality will this thing give you? Will you feel more loved, secure, happy, peaceful, connected, abundant, or . . .? Knowing WHY you want something can help you get even more specific about its features and benefits – which only ensures that you’re asking for something that will truly satisfy you! With every desire or intention, complete this statement:

“I want _______ because I believe it will make me feel _______.”

Take your time with this exercise and be sure you’re asking for something that will satisfy your true needs and wants.

The Ways it Will Change Your Life

Also be clear about the changes your intentions will create in your life and be sure you’re asking for something that will create the changes you want. For example, if you ask for a partner that is active and successful, consider whether such a partner would be a good match for you. Are you active and fit too? Are you successful and motivated too? Are you the type of person your soul mate would be attracted to? If your current life circumstances don’t correspond with what you’re asking for, the arrival of your desires are likely to create conflict instead of happiness.

Avoid being specific about:

The Form Your Desire Takes

While it’s good to be specific about the qualities and characteristics your desire has, you want to avoid any specifics that would limit the results you can receive. For example, saying, “I want my soul mate to be 6′ 4″ tall, have medium-brown hair, light green eyes and a successful career as a motivational speaker” would be somewhat limiting. What if the universe knows a great guy that almost fits that description – except that his eyes are blue? Would you turn him away because he has blue eyes?

It’s not that you can’t give specifics about appearances and other qualities. You can. BUT – be sure you have a reason for wanting those specific things if you ask for them. If you have always been turned off by men with blue eyes, then okay, ask for a guy with green eyes or brown eyes. Just be willing to wait a bit longer for him if necessary. 😉

Another area people tend to do this with is money. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a million dollars if you have a clear reason for wanting that exact sum. But if you’re asking for a million dollars because you want to “feel like you have plenty of money,” or so you’ll “never be broke again,” you could accomplish both of those objectives with other sums of money. What if the universe wants to send you smaller sums more often, like an extra $50,000 a year for the rest of your life? Would you refuse it because it’s not a million?

Your job is to get clear about the object or experience you want, the essence or quality it will provide for you – and then let the universe decide what form it will take! This requires releasing control, which isn’t always easy to do, but more often than not the universe will choose a form that absolutely thrills and delights you – FAR beyond anything you could have thought up yourself.

The Way it Comes into Your Life

This is another area where you want to avoid being too rigid. You may decide that meeting your soul mate is more likely to happen at a singles function, but what if the universe decides to arrange a chance meeting in the produce section of your local supermarket instead? Worse, what if you feel a nudge to visit the supermarket at that exact moment but decide not to because you’re hooked on the idea of falling in love on a dance floor?

Rather than trying to control “how” your desire enters your life, be willing to let the universe handle it for you.

Once again, this applies to money (and everything else) too! Saying, “I want to win ten million dollars in the lottery” is like telling the universe, “I just don’t believe that a large amount of money could come to me in any other way, so don’t send it unless it comes through a lottery win.” The universe will always honor your beliefs, so you’ll block the abundance that could be flowing madly into your life in thousands of other ways!

The Timing in Which it Arrives

Finally, as much as we’d like to be in control of WHEN something arrives in our lives, it can often be better to let the universe handle that too. If you have a specific reason for wanting something by a certain date then okay, ask for it. However, if your “specific reason” for wanting it by a certain date is that you simply won’t feel happy or content without it – you’ll be injecting an element of “need” into your intention, and you’ll delay its arrival.

Remember, one of the most powerful things you can do to attract your desires is get into the FEELING PLACE of already having them! Impatience always causes delays! Simply let go and let the universe work on your behalf, and you’ll almost always be pleasantly surprised by the result.

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