Living From Gratitude

You hear it all the time; “Gratitude is powerful!” Have you ever wondered just HOW powerful?

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, gratitude creates a super-charged boost of energy that attracts all wonderful things into your life. You’ve probably heard that before. But why is it so powerful? One reason is because you’re focusing on the positive, so you automatically attract more positive experiences into your life – you’ve probably heard that before too.

But what you may not know is what happens ENERGETICALLY when you’re focusing on gratitude. Remember that the Law of Attraction is activated according to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations. Whatever you think, feel, believe and expect is what you’ll get.

What does this have to do with gratitude? To answer that question, consider what you are thinking, feeling, believing and expecting when you feel grateful and appreciative.

  • You feel blessed.
  • You feel abundant.
  • You feel happy.
  • You feel content.
  • You feel secure.
  • You feel like all is right in your world.

And when you focus on these types of feelings, you are sending a strong message to the universe that all of these things are TRUE. And you know what the universe says? “You’re absolutely right! Here’s your wealth. Here’s some more joy. Here’s some more good stuff – thanks for asking for it, I’ve been trying to send it to you but you wouldn’t let it in!”

I’ve long believed in the power of gratitude, but it didn’t fully come clear to me until recently when I set an intention to “Live From Gratitude” for an entire day. “Living From Gratitude” meant that I would give sincere thanks for everything I experienced, saw, felt, heard or did that day. Let me tell you, that’s a LOT of gratitude! 🙂

I must have said “thank you” thousands of times that day. The moment I opened my eyes that morning, I began giving thanks for everything in my life. I called to mind my friends and family, my job, my home, my health – even my cats. And I gave thanks for them. Not just “surface thanks,” but deep, heartfelt gratitude.

As I went about my normal daily activities, I thanked the universe for everything I touched or experienced. As I washed the dishes, I said, “Thank you for these dishes to hold the food we eat, and thank you for the food we eat! Thank you for this silverware – it was a wedding gift to my husband and I; and thank you for my wonderful husband!”

The whole time I worked at my job I said over and over, “Thank you for my work and the way it fulfills me. Thank you for the opportunity to earn money doing something I love. Thank you for the ways my work challenges me and reminds me that I’m stronger than I often think I am.”

As I moved through my day, I gave thanks for my feet as I walked, for my lungs as I breathed, for my eyes as I looked at the world around me, and I gave thanks for every person I encountered – and more!

A lot of great things happened as a result of that one day of Living From Gratitude – too many to list here. Overall, I’d have to say that true miracles happened. My income for that day ended up being TRIPLE what it normally is. I received a couple of fantastic opportunities that I’ve begun working on, and good things happened everywhere I went.

But that outer stuff is just the icing on the cake. The TRUE GIFT of that day is the way I felt. Everything suddenly seemed so SACRED. Everything in my life was good. I was good. I was happy. I was at peace. I wasn’t stuck or struggling or fearful or frustrated.

My heart and mind were lifted to a place that few people get to experience. It was a deeply moving, spiritual experience on all levels.

I have NEVER experienced a day more POWER-FULL as that one! In fact, it was so powerful that I’ve since adopted it as an ongoing intention every day. And yes, every day becomes more magical than the one before!

If you’ve never given gratitude a fair chance or if you’ve been lukewarm in your application of it, try “Living From Gratitude” for one day. Just one day. Give thanks for everything you see, feel, hear, do and experience. It will blow your mind! 🙂

As a side note, this same process can be used on things that you don’t yet have, but want to attract! For example, if you’re trying to attract a better job, spend the whole day saying, “Thank you so much for my wonderful new job! It pays so well and I get to do work I truly LOVE, and I am so thankful for that!”

Don’t just say the words; really focus on FEELING the feelings of gratitude and appreciation. The words mean nothing without the feelings.


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  1. Toribio Lpoez

    Yes I believe it I just need to stay focused on that feeling of Gratitude, I 🙏 to be able to Finish what I have started believing before, Gratitude is the best place to start.

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