Use Gratitude to Usher in New Beginnings

Endings are always hard, whether they involve relationships, jobs, change of residence or anything else. When our comfortable circumstances change, we suddenly find ourselves feeling unsettled and aimless.

What now?

A gratitude focus can help you make these transitions smoother, more purposeful – and way less frightening.

Use a blank journal (or your existing journal) to map a new way of thinking about your changing situation.

Things to focus on would include:

1) The positive aspects of the situation that is ending.

Are there any parts of it that you are grateful for? What did it teach you? How did it help you grow into the person you are today? Why was it a good thing in your life?

2) Gratitude for the ending itself.

What are you grateful for about the ending itself? What are you able to let go of? How did the situation become draining or limiting in certain ways?

3) New opportunities that the ending will bring.

What would you like to replace that situation? For example, if your marriage has ended, you might write a description of the type of relationship you want to attract now. Same thing with your job, or anything else you’ve released. Place your order with the universe and express gratitude for the opportunity to invite something better. 🙂

Gratitude is a powerful emotion! It can help ease the grief process, while at the same time raising your vibration so you’ll attract something that is perfectly aligned with who you are.


“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” – Meister Eckhart

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