The Gift of Allowing

This morning I spent some time feeling grateful for the freedom that comes from allowing.

Allowing can be either the most difficult thing to do, or the most freeing. For those of us who have control issues (raising hand) letting go and allowing the universe to work on our behalf is terrifying. We’ve developed a belief that if we want something done right we have to do it ourselves. Leaving it to anyone else means it will probably be done poorly or not at all. Of course, such a belief only sets us up to receive exactly that outcome! 😉

But it goes even deeper than control issues. At its core, a resistance to allowing also reveals a bigger blockage: LACK OF TRUST.

In order to really allow, we need to be willing to trust that the universe knows what we want and can find the best possible way to bring it to us. We need to trust that it will all unfold with perfect timing. We need to trust our own power as deliberate creators. We need to trust that our intuition is strong enough to recognize when we’re being led in a specific direction – and that we’ll know which actions to take when the time is right.

All of this can be scary. Really scary. In order to fully let go, we need to get comfortable with the idea of free-falling. Free-falling without a parachute. Free-falling without a parachute even though it appears we’re heading straight for some jagged rocks. Our first impulse might be to panic and grasp blindly for a safety line again.

But something amazing happens when we can muster the courage to let go, trust, and hold to the inner vision of what we want. A strong wind gusts up from underneath us and guides us to exactly where we want to be. Sometimes it guides us to something even better than what we thought we wanted. And we look back and laugh at how silly our fear and doubt seem when viewed through the clarity of hindsight.

Allowing, trusting, letting go is a GIFT and an OPPORTUNITY. An opportunity to refine our focus and tone our faith muscles. Every time we make a conscious decision to let go and allow, it becomes easier to do. We grow in confidence – both in ourselves and in the universe as a loving, supportive force.

Now that’s what I call a gift that keeps on giving. 🙂

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