Make Today a Great Day!

Do you passively allow outer circumstances to determine what kind of day you have, or even your overall quality of life?

Does it seem like other people or events are always triggering you into a negative state of mind?

Take control of your own happiness by deliberately focusing your thoughts and choosing some powerful positive intentions.

Start each day with a journal or notebook, and spend 10 minutes or so considering the types of things you’d like to experience that day. How would you like your workday to go? What kind of people would you like to meet? Would you like to receive some great opportunities or ideas? Would you like to receive unexpected sums of money? How would you like to feel in your life overall?

Jot down some clear intentions, like this:

“I choose to be blessed financially today.”

“I choose to receive a great new job opportunity.”

“I choose ease and flow in all areas of my life.”

Now spend a few minutes vividly imagining each scenario in your mind, exactly as you would like it to happen. Pretend you’re watching a movie in your mind, seeing it all play out exactly as you’d like it to.

Most importantly, allow yourself to FEEL as if these things were actually happening to you right now. Allow feelings of excitement, joy, happiness, and gratitude to flow through you.

By the time you’re finished, you will feel fantastic! You’ll be buzzing with optimism and enthusiasm.

Now for the tricky part:

If challenges or obstacles appear at any time during the day, don’t allow yourself to get emotionally tangled up in them. Just breathe deeply and restate your powerful intentions. “I choose…”

As often as you can, call to mind those wonderful things you visualized earlier and allow good feelings to flow through you again. Affirm and know that wonderful things are happening, even if you can’t see them quite yet.

By using this process on a daily basis, you’ll eventually start to notice that more and more good things are happening to you. You’ll end up in the “right place at the right time” and attract plenty of great opportunities and abundance in all forms.

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