Avoid These Law of Attraction Mistakes

When most people first begin working with the Law of Attraction more consciously, they usually start by focusing on the things they want, such as more money, a nicer home, newer car, and so on. This is a great start! Just by moving your thoughts to a more positive place, you raise your frequency and begin attracting better circumstances.

However, the majority of people also notice after a few months that the results they’re experiencing are limited. They may enjoy a bit of increased prosperity, perhaps recognize a great opportunity or two, but overall, the “negative” situations don’t seem to be changing and they end up feeling like there’s an invisible blockage somewhere that they just can’t break through.

Has that been your experience too?

The truth is, working consciously with the Law of Attraction is very SIMPLE to do! But there are also a few common mistakes that can throw a wrench into the process and severely limit the results you get from your efforts.

Take a look at some of these mistakes below and consider whether you might be making them:

1) Not recognizing the importance of emotion.

Most people start by improving the quality of their thoughts, which is definitely helpful – but your thoughts don’t create anything on their own. Emotion is needed to infuse your thoughts with powerful energy, which will shift the frequency you send out to the universe. There are two ways that emotion can cause problems: not focusing enough on emitting strong, positive emotions; and allowing negative emotions to rule your focus.

In order to use the Law of Attraction effectively, you’ll need to take firm control over your emotional state as often as possible. You’ll need to avoid getting sucked into “negative” emotions like anger, frustration, cynicism and fear as much as you can. At the same time, you’ll need to consciously work on generating more positive emotions, like love, happiness, joy, peacefulness, and excitement.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter what you focus on while you do this! You can think about something wonderful that happened a long time ago and relive those pleasant emotions, or you can fantasize about something you want to happen in the future. While you’re doing this, you are altering your emotional frequency and sending a signal to the universe that says, “Send me wonderful and amazing stuff!” The universe picks up your signal and says, “I’m glad you asked; here you go!” 🙂

You may be wondering how to avoid those pesky negative emotions like fear, anxiety, frustration and anger. Believe it or not, at the beginning you’ll have to do it by sheer force of will. You have to CHOOSE not to get sucked into those feelings, and it probably won’t be easy right from the get-go. When you notice you’re starting to feel tense or anxious, immediately start thinking about something more pleasant so you can shift your emotional state back to the positive side. It will take practice and persistence, but over time you’ll gain much greater control.

2) Impatience.

Another huge stumbling block that people encounter when working with the Law of Attraction is impatience. It’s understandable to feel impatient when you’re not seeing results, but the problem with impatience is that you infuse it with a sense of urgency or desperation to change your current situation. And what happens when you communicate urgency and desperation to the universe? The universe sends you more situations to feel urgent and desperate about! Whatever you FEEL is what you are “asking” to be given!

In order to overcome this blockage, you’ll need to find a way to accept your life as it is right now, and affirm that better things are on the way. One good way to do this is by focusing heavily on gratitude and optimism. Rather than thinking and feeling, “I’m so sick of this, something has to change quickly!”, you would focus more like this, “I’m so grateful for the wonderful things in my life; I’ve got a lot going for me, and I know that even better things are coming soon!”

Again, this type of mind-set takes practice but eventually becomes a habit.

3) Uncertainty.

In order to attract the things you want, you have to BELIEVE and KNOW in your heart that they are already yours. When you express feelings of doubt, disbelief, and pessimism, you automatically put up walls that block the things you want from entering your life.

The problem that many people experience in the beginning is that they really DON’T “know” that the Law of Attraction works. They want to believe it does, but they haven’t yet seen the “proof” in their own lives. So they approach it a little uncertainly, which limits the results they can receive.

One good way to get around this is to use something I call “active faith.” Rather than really and truly knowing that the Law of Attraction works, you’ll have to CHOOSE to know, even if you really don’t know yet! Simply keep affirming to yourself that you “choose to know; choose to believe” that the Law of Attraction works, and that your desires are already on the way. Do this especially when doubt or uncertainty enters your mind. Suspend all disbelief and simply trust and have faith – and soon enough you’ll have the proof you need!

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