Are You Proactively Prosperous?

Bad news seems to be everywhere you turn nowadays – and this can cause a huge problem from a “conscious creation” standpoint because we continue to create more of what we focus on. This article is going to share some helpful information about using the Law of Attraction proactively to create a more prosperous future for you and your loved ones.

The Power of Your Thoughts

Anyone who has worked with the Law of Attraction deliberately knows how quickly and pervasively their thoughts can be manifested in their physical surroundings. In fact, sometimes it can happen with frightening speed!

Have you ever said something like this: “I hope nothing goes wrong with this interview”? More often than not, when you say something like that you are communicating a strong message of fear that something WILL go wrong, which makes it more likely simply because you are focusing on the possibility.

When it comes to the state of the economy, you cannot afford to allow negative messages and predictions of “doom and gloom” to enter your mind. The more you focus on the horrible possibilities, the more you are going to start seeing expressions of them showing up in your own life!

The solution is simple: Refuse to focus on the negative. Refuse to dwell on the scary possibilities. Refuse to invest your energy into lack, shortage, fear, or anything else you don’t want to create in your own life.

That may seem impossible since you are constantly being bombarded with negative information, but understand that you DO have control over where you place your focus. You can’t stop the media from reporting on disaster – but you can choose to watch something more uplifting or turn off the television. You can’t stop your friends, family and coworkers from discussing it, but you can choose not to participate in the discussion yourself.

Does that seem irresponsible? Pollyanna-ish?

Maybe so, but when it comes right down to it, you can’t do anything about what is happening in the world – you can’t solve the problems or turn the economy around by yourself.

What you CAN do is choose to focus with all of your might on prosperity, plenty, and limitless opportunities to bring more abundance into YOUR LIFE – which will allow you to contribute to the economy, create more jobs, and affect other positive change. (And imagine if many people around the world were doing the same thing; it could definitely begin to turn the tide of hardship into one of promise.)

Being Proactively Prosperous

Being “proactively prosperous” means deliberately choosing to focus on the positive possibilities, rather than the negative.

It means being optimistic that the economy will get better, rather than imagining how bad it can get.

It means envisioning a better future for you and your loved ones, rather than getting swept away by fear.

It means trusting that the universe wants better for you, and being willing to accept greater abundance.

It means REMEMBERING that you are a powerful creator in your own right – and acknowledging that you have the ability to change anything in your life that doesn’t please you.

And you start by simply turning your thoughts in the direction you WANT to go.

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