Appreciation Today for a Better Tomorrow

One of the common fears people have about expressing gratitude and appreciation for what they have right now is that it may prevent them from attracting better circumstances tomorrow and beyond. After all, if they communicate to the universe how happy they are with the way things are right now, why would the universe bother sending something even better?

Luckily, this is NOT a problem. It just won’t happen.

First of all, consider that life is constantly in a state of change. Nothing can stand still, not even the state of your own body and certainly not the conditions of your life. It may sometimes seem as if things are “stuck” but that’s only because your thoughts are going around and around in the same patterns so you are attracting the same type of circumstances over and over again.

With all types of change, there are two directions they can go: positive or negative. Growth or destruction. Expansion or contraction. Good or bad.

By focusing on how grateful and appreciative you feel about your life right now, you are directly contributing to more positive conditions tomorrow. By focusing on how sick and tired you are of your life as it exists right now, you can only attract more and more situations where you feel sick and tired.

Think of your feelings of appreciation, gratitude, joy, love, peacefulness, passion and enthusiasm as powerful investments into a better tomorrow.

Appreciate something now (no matter what it is), and you will attract more things to appreciate. Feel bitter and resentful now, and you will attract more things to feel bitter and resentful about tomorrow.

It’s really simple, and you NEVER have to worry that your contentment today will stall your growth and expansion. It just won’t happen! 🙂

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