3 Money Affirmations to Say Daily

Affirmations can be helpful in attracting more money and other forms of abundance into your life, but you have to choose your money affirmations carefully and use them in the most effective way. Contrary to popular belief, affirmations do not have any magical powers all on their own. The true power of an affirmation is that it improves your feelings on a particular subject. Why is this powerful?

Because the Law of Attraction is activated according to your dominant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. So, if your thoughts are very often focused on money and abundance in negative ways, you probably think things like this often: “I hate not having enough money. I hate being broke. It stinks that other people have more money than I do. I hate struggling to pay my bills. I hate feeling so anxious and worried all the time.” And of course, the more you think thoughts like that, the worse you feel.

When you use money affirmations to start shifting your dominant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, you start shifting your focus in a more positive direction. However, you can’t just leap from a negative state to a positive state. You need to transition gradually. For this reason, your money affirmations should be worded in such a way that they help you make that shift easily and gently. If you choose money affirmations that are unbelievable, your subconscious mind will resist them.

For example, if you said the affirmation, “I am wealthy” but you aren’t wealthy at the moment, your subconscious mind will block it because you know it’s not true. Even worse, if you are really struggling financially, saying “I am wealthy” may stir up all kinds of negative feelings like anger, bitterness, anxiety, and resentment – which just keeps you locked in a negative state of manifestation!

Below are three money affirmations that are great for gently transitioning from a negative focus to a positive focus about money.

Money Affirmation #1 – I would love to have more money.

Notice that this money affirmation does not contradict a belief that you don’t have enough money. Instead, simply saying “I would love” helps you focus on an easier state of being; a state of having plenty of money. When you say this affirmation, it’s important to focus on the positive emotion rather than the negative emotion. In other words, you don’t want to hold an attitude that reflects wanting to have more money but feeling frustrated that you don’t. Instead, you want to hold an attitude that focuses on how GREAT it would feel to have more money.

Can you feel the difference between the two mind-sets? When you say, “I would love to have more money,” focus on the reasons WHY you would love to have more money. How would it help you to have more money? What wonderful things would you do if you had more money? Focus on those positive aspects of having more money, and within a few minutes you’ll feel a positive shift happening.

Money Affirmation #2 – Money can be used for such wonderful things.

This money affirmation can help you to overcome negative beliefs like, “Money is evil; having money is wrong; rich people are greedy,” and so on. When you say, “Money can be used for such wonderful things,” you start seeing money as a TOOL for goodness. Certainly it can be used in negative ways too, but when you keep reminding yourself that it can be used for positive endeavors, you lessen your resistance to allowing more money to flow into your life. As you say this affirmation, be sure to focus on the good things you would do if you had a lot of money. “Money can be used for such wonderful things.” What kind of wonderful things? How would you use your money to benefit the world; to benefit your family; to benefit yourself?

Money Affirmation #3 – There are endless ways I can receive more money.

This money affirmation helps you change the limiting belief that money can only come to you through your job or other limited avenues. When you say, “There are endless ways I can receive more money,” you send out an intention to the universe that you are open to receiving money through endless gateways! You are essentially creating a new belief that the universe will then act upon. Money will start coming to you in fun and unexpected ways, which will further strengthen your belief, which will attract still more money to you! The key with this belief is to say it like you mean it. Say it with passion and power in your voice. Really do your best to BELIEVE it, even if you don’t actually believe it at first. In time you will, and your outer circumstances will reflect the strength of your belief.

For best results, say at least ONE of these affirmations daily. If you can, say all three of them daily, but if that’s too overwhelming you can choose just one to start with. Say this affirmation not just once or twice a day – really pour your full effort into saying it over and over all day long. Say it while you are showering, while you are driving, while you are walking, shopping, watching television. You want to really saturate your mind with the ideas and start planting the seeds to form positive new beliefs about money.

To allow more money and abundance into your life, it’s important to be very consistent in improving your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about it. You need to overwrite your negative beliefs with positive, empowering beliefs that bring you into alignment with abundance and all good things. When you feel good about money, money flows easily!

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