How to Create a Life Full of Abundance

Like most other people, you’ve probably experienced periods of scarcity and financial struggle from time to time. Maybe you didn’t have enough money to buy something you needed; or you had more bills than income; or you had a financial goal you were trying to reach and couldn’t seem to make much progress. As a result, you probably felt frustrated and stuck.

Periods like these may seem to be caused by external circumstances, but they always begin within. “Abundance” is not just an external condition; it is actually a state of mind that you can adopt any time you want, and when you adopt a mind-set of abundance regularly, your outer conditions will shift to match your mind-set.


When you have a true abundance mind-set, money flows to you more easily and more often; opportunities find their way to you; and financial challenges work themselves out with very little effort on your part.

One of the best ways to create an abundance mind-set is by choosing to see “more than enough” as often as you can. You may be used to focusing more on what you DON’T have; what ISN’T working well for you; and the money and abundance you are still LACKING – but you can easily shift your perspective to focus on what you DO have; what IS working well for you, and the money and abundance that is flowing to you now.

The first thing to do is to notice when you start focusing on scarcity. How many times a day do you feel frustrated about not having enough money? How many times a day do you feel anxious about your bills? How many times a day do you wish things could be easier for you? These negative thoughts and feelings are normal, but they only keep the trend of scarcity going strong.

When you become aware that you are thinking negative thoughts like these, start turning your focus to thoughts of abundance instead. Yes, it may be true that you have a lot of bills; or your income isn’t big enough – but is it also true that you have a nice home to live in? Is it also true that you have an abundance of books, clothing, food, electronic gadgets, and other things to be grateful for?

When you really start thinking about it, you’ll be amazed at how much abundance you really do have! You have “more than enough” of so many things – feel grateful for that!

Say to yourself, “My life is FILLED with abundance! I am so grateful for all of the abundance I have. And I know that much more abundance is on the way to me now.”

Do this multiple times a day, every day, and you’ll start to notice something interesting happening: you’ll start feeling that inner frustration melting away. You’ll start feeling uplifted, inspired, and happy about your life. That doesn’t mean everything in your life will transform overnight, but in time it will if you keep this abundance focus going.

The more you focus on abundance rather than scarcity, the more abundance you will allow into your life! Over time, this can result in dramatic positive changes in all areas of your life. How fast it happens depends on how committed you are to adopting your new, abundant focus as often as possible.

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