Is Anxiety Blocking Your Abundance?

Anxiety and stress have detrimental effects on our health and well-being, but did you know they can also block money and all forms of abundance?


Abundance is nothing more than a flow of beneficial energy through your life. This flow of energy can take the form of monetary wealth (which is what we usually imagine in terms of prosperity), but it also includes things like love, happiness, peace, fulfillment, and joy. When you are tense and anxious, you automatically CONSTRICT this energy from flowing freely through your life!

Imagine a flexible tube through which water flows. If you grasp the tube and squeeze it, you decrease the flow or cut it off entirely. When you relax your grip (ease the constriction) the water flows freely again.

Anxiety and stress do the same thing to the flow of abundance into your life.

When you are anxious, you are not thinking clearly. Your thoughts are clouded and scattered, and the predominant thought in your mind is FEAR.

Even worse, since your thoughts influence your emotions, fearful thoughts will trigger fearful emotions, which will taint the energetic vibrations you put out to the universe!

If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, you know this is a bad thing because your vibrations act like a signal to the universe to attract what you are focusing on in that moment.

Anxiety can create major problems in your life if you let it!

So, how do you turn this around?

First, avoid feeling anxious as often as possible.

Not just anxious but tense, frustrated, depressed, hopeless, cynical and afraid too. If this type of mind-set has become a habit for you, make it your mission to turn it around immediately.

Spend more time doing things you love.

Anything that makes you laugh and feel positive will create a very high frequency of vibration!

Feel lighthearted, grateful and joyful as much as possible.

Think of people you love, or even your pets, and allow your heart to fill with feelings of love and appreciation for them.

Start a daily meditation practice.

Learn how to control your mood and mind-set. You might create a mantra that will “trigger” a peaceful state of being when you need it most. A mantra is a simple word or phrase that you recite repeatedly during meditation, like “Om,” “Peace,” “All is well,” and so on. Over time you’ll notice that just saying your mantra will trigger a feeling of peace and well-being.

This doesn’t mean you will be able to blot out anxiety altogether, of course. Everyone has moments where they feel tense or frustrated, or anxious about things they can’t control. It’s a natural part of life.

However, make an effort to release anxiety when you notice you’re starting to experience it. Start paying closer attention to your body signals throughout the day and if you find yourself feeling tense or worried about something, consider whether it’s something that is within your control, or not in your control.

If you can control it, then take steps to remedy the issue as quickly as possible. If you cannot control the issue, then do your best to set it aside. The less you allow anxiety to rule your life, the more attractive you will be to prosperity – and all things wonderful!

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