Do You Have an Abundance Mentality?

One of the hardest parts of creating abundance is overcoming all of the bad thought habits you’ve developed so far. You probably know that in order to create abundance you need to stay focused on abundance – in other words, you need to develop a strong “abundance mentality” that will override your old “scarcity mentality.”

But how? What are you supposed to do when those old, scarcity-driven thoughts keep popping up over and over again?

One of the best ways to develop an abundance mentality is by sheer repetition and persistence. Many people miss the “persistence” part and give up after a few days. They think it should be easy to change their thought habits, and it truly IS – but at first it seems difficult because you have to overcome the momentum of those negative thoughts. Only after you’ve worked on it consistently for a little while does it get easier.

Here’s a simple, fun way to develop a true abundance mentality:

First, apply the power of repetition. Write this statement down on a sheet of paper or an index card: “I am abundant in every way.” Carry this statement with you and read it or say it out loud dozens of times a day for the next few days.

As you say the words, really try to FEEL the sentiment behind them. What does it FEEL like to be abundant in every way? Does it feel freeing, inspiring, joyful? Tune into these feelings for a few minutes each time you say the statement.

Next, be sure you are not contradicting your new abundance mentality!

That means not complaining about money, not feeling frustrated about money, not investing your attention and energy into financial negativity in any form.

Oh, you will be tempted! These scarcity-focused actions are probably strong habits for you, so you’ll need to start breaking the habits immediately. Otherwise you’ll keep splitting your intention between a scarcity mentality and an abundance mentality.

When you catch yourself complaining about money, stop and reinforce your abundance mentality again: “I am abundant in every way.” When you catch yourself worrying about money, reinforce your abundance mentality again: “I am abundant in every way.”

When you catch yourself feeling jealous about someone else’s good fortune, do it again. Keep saying your abundance mentality statement over and over and over – and it WILL begin to sink in.

That’s really all it takes to develop a strong abundance mentality. A fair amount of persistent effort is required at first, but the results will be well worth it in the end. Just remember that when it comes to creating abundance, consistent effort is everything! If you aren’t consistent, your results are going to be scattered too.

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