Taking a Leap of Faith

I write a lot about finding your true purpose in life, and about gathering the courage to make your dreams come true, but I want to say a few words about actually taking the leap of faith.

It’s fairly easy for us to dream, to imagine how we want our lives to be, even to make plans for our lives. We make lists, we visualize, we affirm. But when the time comes to actually start putting our plans into action, how many of us suddenly hesitate, our toes hanging over the abyss of the unknown?

Suddenly a leap of faith seems foolish, and we feel overburdened with doubts. What if we fail? What if we end up a laughingstock? What if we end up in financial ruin? These are all very real fears, and deserve to be recognized. At this moment, it’s helpful to take stock of our lives as they are now, as well as how they could be, were we to take that leap of faith. And we must keep in mind that we always have choices.

After taking stock of our lives, after making a list of pros and cons about the consequences of pursuing our dreams, we just may decide not to take the risk at this time. And there is nothing wrong with that. We have every right to stay where we are, if we have valid reasons supporting that decision.

It may be too tough financially for us to make a move now. It may just be too frightening to take such a chance at this point in our lives. We are not cowards for choosing to stay where we are, we have just made a decision, based on our knowledge and intuition of what we need at this point in time. But if our fears are seemingly groundless, or if the cons of staying in our present circumstances are too unpleasant, we may decide to finally take the leap.

Sometimes, circumstances seem to make the decision for us. We may suddenly lose our jobs, relationships, or suffer illnesses or accidents. We may suddenly find ourselves adrift on the seas of uncertainty, and begin taking the steps toward our goals purely out of necessity.

However it happens, once we are airborne, the most important thing for us to remember is to have faith. Faith in God, faith in ourselves, faith that we have what it takes to succeed, and faith that the Universe wants us to succeed.

Then comes the hard work, the giving of our all. We won’t succeed unless we actively work at succeeding. We must give one hundred percent, one hundred percent of the time. If we do this, we will not fail. Even if things don’t turn out exactly as we hoped, we will still have attained a measure of success. And that alone makes the entire journey worthwhile.

Is there a leap of faith you’ve been wanting to take? Are you poised at the edge, your toes hanging over the abyss of the unknown? Are you held back by your fears?

No one can make the choice for you. You must be the one to take a hard look at your life, decide what you want, and go for it, or not.

Remember, anyone can take a leap of certainty. It takes much more courage to take a leap of faith.

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