How Do You Allow Abundance?

“Allowing abundance” is a vague concept for many people. Do you have to DO something specific to allow abundance, or is it all about NOT doing anything and just allowing abundance to flow naturally?

The answer is really YES to both questions – even if that seems like a contradiction at first glance! A good comparison might be when you invite someone to your home. They come to the door, knock, and you answer. To invite them in, you open the door, step back, and ALLOW them to enter. Even though you are taking small actions to allow them in (like opening the door and stepping out of the way), your main action is to not block their entrance, right?

How does this relate to allowing abundance? Allowing abundance is really about not RESISTING abundance. Many people who try to attract abundance end up blocking it or resisting it in some way at first. They do this in various ways, like worrying about money and finances, feeling resentful toward abundant people, or physically pursuing money excessively.

To start allowing abundance, there are two main things that should be done first:

First, start focusing on abundance.

Do you spend much of your time focused on scarcity and lack? Do you worry about not having enough money? Do you get angry or upset when financial challenges appear? Do you obsess over ways you can receive more money?

All of these activities have one thing in common: they create an overwhelming focus on lack and scarcity, which continues to create more of the same in your life. Turn this around by starting to focus intently on money and abundance. Not the LACK of money and abundance, but the HAVING of money and abundance.

Rather than worrying that you don’t have enough money, focus with pleasure on how great it would be to have LOTS of money. What would you do if you had 10 times the money you currently have? What if you could buy or do anything you wanted right now? What would you do? What are some of the things you would buy? Why do you want them? Go into great detail when you think about these things – it gets positive energy flowing through you and draws abundance quickly!

Next, stop RESISTING abundance.

The second important step in allowing abundance is to simply stop resisting it. You may not realize that you are doing anything to resist or block abundance, but if it’s not flowing to you easily you definitely are. Every time you feel stressed, annoyed, frustrated, sad, depressed, or anxious about money, you are creating resistance in your vibrational “signal” that goes out to the universe. In a nutshell, that makes you INCOMPATIBLE with the essence of abundance. It means that even if you have been diligent in focusing on having more money and abundance, it CANNOT come to you because you aren’t a vibrational match to it.

To be a vibrational match to abundance, you need to feel: happy, uplifted, grateful, inspired, open, relaxed, joyful, and other positive emotions – and these feelings should be directly related to money and abundance (although it’s possible to release resistance by feeling good about ANYTHING, really).

You can release resistance just by taking a nap, having a little “me time,” watching a funny movie – anything that makes you feel good helps you release resistance. But releasing resistance about money specifically – in other words, feeling really good about money – helps you start allowing it big time.

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