Practice Soothing Thoughts for Wellness

Did you know that you can use the power of your thoughts to soothe yourself into a state of wellness? Whatever imbalance, illness or injury may be happening in your body, or even if you aren’t sick but you struggle to have enough energy or you feel run-down much of the time, deliberately moving your thoughts into a soothing place can instantly make you feel better!

What are soothing thoughts?

Well, anything that makes you feel good when you think about it!

Think about things that make you smile, things you love, things you feel grateful for, things that you’re looking forward to. Even better, make some of these positive thoughts about your body specifically.

Imagine feeling strong and vibrant as you walk or run. Imagine having plenty of energy. Imagine feeling good in your own skin. Imagine just feeling GOOD, physically!

Think thoughts of wellness, and you amplify wellness in your reality!

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