3 Things You Should Tell Yourself Daily

Have you gotten into the habit of putting yourself down a lot? Feeling inadequate? Worrying about how you measure up? Feeling like a failure?

You may not realize it, but thoughts like these set you up for an unpleasant life experience. Even if you aren’t consciously aware of these negative thoughts taking over your mind, you can feel it in your body! You feel weighed down, anxious, nervous, fearful. You hold back on things you really want to do in life. You avoid certain situations or people because they make you feel uncomfortable.

Simply by changing the things you say to yourself on a regular basis, you can develop a whole new level of confidence, self-esteem and inner peace.

A good place to start is by saying these three things to yourself as often as you can:

1) I am worthy.

If your self-esteem is low, you may not feel like you deserve anything good, but you can change that by simply saying over and over, “I am worthy”. Say it dozens of times each day. Say it even if you don’t really believe it. Smile at yourself in the mirror and say, “I AM worthy. I am worthy! Yes, I am definitely worthy of everything good.” Over time, you will come to believe it.

2) I can handle anything.

If you tend to shy away from uncomfortable situations, or you avoid pursuing your dreams because you don’t feel confident, simply telling yourself, “I can handle anything” will start to boost your confidence and make you feel more self-assured. At first you may not feel as if you can handle “anything” but the more you say this, the stronger you will start to feel. Before you enter into a situation that makes you feel nervous or unsure of yourself, keep saying mentally, “I can handle this. I can handle whatever happens. I can handle anything that comes my way.” Little by little, your confidence and self-assurance will grow, and before long you will really feel like you CAN handle anything.

3) Good things are coming my way.

A healthy sense of optimism can make all the difference between a depressing life and a great one. Keep telling yourself every day that wonderful things are going to happen for you. Do your best to expect great things, and celebrate when good things actually do happen to you. When someone gives you a compliment, or a nice gift, or a coupon for 10% off your next purchase, say to yourself, “See, I knew that great things were going to happen today!” Optimism is like a muscle; you need to work it a LOT to make it strong. But once you’ve got the habit, it’s easy to keep it going long-term.

The more you say things like these, the better you’re going to feel. These three small statements can change your life if you’re willing to give them a try. You deserve to feel valued, confident and happy, so give yourself the gift of positive self-talk!

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