Moving From Fear to Faith

When you’re worried about something, your thoughts keep running on a loop:

“I’m worried. What if this bad thing happens? What will I do? I don’t know what to do. I want this situation to be all right. I want things to get better. What if they don’t???”

There is a gentle and easy way to begin nudging your thoughts in a positive direction. Start with some simple questions:

“What if everything is really all right? What if I’m worrying over nothing? What if there are easy solutions for every problem? What if some of those solutions could show up for me soon?

Then transition into some faith and trust-based statements:

“I’m going to trust that everything will work out fine. I’m looking forward to things getting better. I trust my ability to handle whatever happens. I know that I will be all right, no matter what.”

Within minutes, you will feel much calmer – AND you will now be more receptive to a positive outcome because you have improved your vibration on that subject!

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