Can Your Thoughts Heal Your Body?

We are learning more and more about the power of thoughts, and countless people have gotten great results in using their thoughts to improve their lives. They are attracting ideal partners, great opportunities, more money, and plenty of other fun things.

But what about physical healing? Is it possible to heal your body just by changing your thoughts?

It’s a little known fact that our bodies respond extremely quickly to the content of our thoughts. The medical establishment is starting to take notice of this, but I think we still have a way to go before it will be considered common knowledge.

Instead, modern medicine usually consists of taking medicine, undergoing surgery or other treatments to heal diseases and fix injuries. This is not such a terrible thing, of course! Medicine has come a long way and it’s truly astounding what is possible nowadays!

But in my opinion, that’s not the full picture. I believe that our thoughts can not only help our bodies to heal much faster and easier than they would with medical intervention alone, but our thoughts can even PREVENT us from getting sick.

One good example is the well-known effect of stress on the body. It’s scientifically proven that stress taxes the body and weakens it so that illness is much more likely to occur.

And what is stress? Negative thoughts! Worried thoughts, thoughts of overwhelm, frustrated thoughts, angry thoughts – those are all negative thoughts that cause STRESS in the body.

When stress is properly managed (i.e. the negative thoughts are balanced with more positive thoughts through activities like exercise, meditation, deep breathing and tapping), the immune system functions much more effectively, so the body can fight off illness much of the time.

So, ask yourself what might be possible if you apply this insight to ALL of your thoughts. Not just stress, but the entire way you think about your body. Is it possible to “think health” and experience better health? Is it possible to recover from serious illnesses and injuries more efficiently if you also line up your thoughts with the outcome you desire; that healthy, vibrant, strong body you want?

Your beliefs also play a large role in your physical wellness, or lack thereof. What would happen if you decided to BELIEVE that you can be healthy and strong? What if you stopped believing in “can’ts” and started believing in “cans”? What if your thoughts could have a dramatic positive impact on your level of health and you could transform your body into a state of absolute well-being?

It’s time to explore these possibilities and create the well-being you deserve.

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