Put a Positive Spin on “What if?”

When most of us get caught up in the “what ifs,” we take it to a negative place. What if this terrible thing happens? What if I can’t change this painful situation?

But you can use the power of “What If” to attract some wonderful, inspiring new circumstances too!

Start by saying something along these lines:

“What if I’m right on the brink of some amazing progress in my life? What if I’m *this close* to allowing in a HUGE FLOOD of abundance? What if, from this moment on, things could get really, really good for me? What if all of my dreams could come true and it would be really EASY to achieve them? What if the universe is helping me much more than I know? What if everything I want is ready to burst into my physical reality in ways that surprise and delight me? What if I could just release struggle and strain? What if I can decide that everything good will come easily to me from now on? What if it’s as simple as deciding to let it be easy? What if I were to start believing that I deserve great abundance? I believe I DO deserve it!…”

Keep going until you feel very inspired and uplifted.

You can also use this technique when you are facing a challenge that ordinarily might worry you.

Say, “What if this challenge isn’t really a big deal? What if the perfect solution is already on its way to me? What if this whole problem can just blow over and everything will be fine? What if I trust the universe to help me resolve this issue? What if I believe with all of my heart that the universe ALWAYS supports me and guides me? What if I choose to believe that my own mind-set determines the outcome of every situation? What if I can choose to believe, to have faith that everything will be fine, and it DOES work out fine?…”

Try it, it’s powerful! 🙂

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