When You’re On the Wrong Path

There are truly no “wrong” paths in life – only paths that serve to teach us one thing or another. Even the biggest errors of our lives can be powerful teachers and contribute immensely to our growth.

However, it is common to sometimes choose the wrong path for US.

In other words, to ignore our inner calling and veer off onto a path that we think will provide the fulfillment we seek, but in fact only carries us further away from our authentic self.

These “wrong” paths can teach us much, so they are not a waste of time – but staying on them for too long will make us lose touch with who we were meant to be.

When you discover that you’ve taken the wrong path for you, it takes tremendous courage to step off it. It means admitting that you were wrong, that your thinking was not aligned with your inner wisdom. It feels a little embarrassing, and a lot frustrating.

However, it can be one of the most profound experiences of your life and will always lead to something much better. In fact, the re-awakening of your inner wisdom is what often makes you realize that you’ve been following the wrong path.

Take a look at your common activities these days. Do any of them feel wrong, boring, uninspiring, unfulfilling? Do any of them make you feel unbalanced inside?

These “activities” could be anything from your job to your social activities, to your health habits, to your negative self-talk.

When you stumble across something that doesn’t make you feel peaceful inside, question it.

Do you really need to keep doing it?

Is it serving you somehow?

If not, consider summoning the strength to let go and choose something better. It may seem like you’re being a “quitter” at first, which is something most of us have been conditioned to avoid. But quitting that which holds back your growth and development is not quitting at all – it’s more like purification.

It’s a process of clearing away the unnecessary in order to make way for the miraculous.

In that context, it’s okay to let go. Open your hands so they’ll be ready to grasp what you really want.

Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak. Sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go. – Author Unknown

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