Feed Your Mind Success Thoughts Daily

You’ve probably heard it said that you are what you think about the most, and being successful is no exception. There are other important facets of success too, like planning and preparing carefully, taking consistent action, and fine-tuning your plans as you go along. But your attitude is especially important because it determines so much of what you do – or don’t do.

In order to ensure that you’ve got an attitude that will propel you to the success you crave, be sure to feed your mind a steady diet of success-based thoughts.

Below are 5 easy ways to do that:

1) Study success stories.

Make a habit of reading success stories in books, magazines, and online as often as you can! Pay close attention to the clues that are revealed, like the man who refused to give up no matter how much adversity he faced, or the woman who took on a massive cause because it was so vitally important to her. With each success story, you absorb little bits of insight and passion that you can apply to your own goal.

2) Listen to the masters.

Invest in some motivational CDs by powerful speakers and listen to them often. Since much of the information we absorb subconsciously is auditory, you’ll find yourself feeling more empowered and motivated automatically. Try audio books and seminars from greats like Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Brian Tracy, or Jack Canfield. You can also search online for your chosen speaker, or visit your local bookstore’s audio section.

3) Read motivational material.

In addition to listening to audio books and seminars, you can also stock up on motivational books, magazines – or even calendars and posters! Try to choose material that relates to your own goals, whether they involve business, personal development, fitness, or anything else – but even general motivation is better than nothing.

4) Build yourself up.

Have you checked your self-talk lately? If you’re in the habit of putting yourself down frequently, you’ll want to turn that around as quickly as possible. Work daily on building yourself up with positive self-talk.

Encourage yourself, praise yourself, motivate yourself and support yourself – verbally, mentally and emotionally. The more you do, the better you’ll feel about yourself and the more you’ll be able to achieve.

5) Become successful now.

One common trap that many of us fall into is looking to our outer circumstances to determine whether we’ve “made it” or not. We won’t allow ourselves to feel successful until we achieve a specific goal, earn a certain level of income, drive a certain kind of car, etc.

However, if you keep thinking of yourself as ALREADY being successful, you can simply keep striving to become more successful and feel better about yourself now!

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