3 Ways to Develop a Midas Touch

Do you remember the legend of King Midas, who could touch any object and turn it into gold? People who are successful or “lucky” are often said to have “the Midas touch” because everything seems to work out for their benefit. Even when setbacks happen, they somehow find a way to turn it around effortlessly and quickly.

How do they do it? Are they born lucky?

No – they simply know how to be receptive to goodness in all forms, and it’s a skill that ANYONE can learn, including you.

Here are 3 key things to do if you want to develop the “Midas touch” for yourself:

Expect Everything to Go Your Way

People with the Midas touch don’t believe in failure or defeat. They know that they can turn any situation into “gold” by expecting the best possible outcome. They EXPECT good things to happen to them. They EXPECT to connect with great people. They EXPECT the perfect resources and opportunities to line up for them. And because of their strong belief, that’s exactly what happens.

If your expectations currently lean more toward the negative side, start deliberately expecting things to go your way.

Say things like this to yourself several times throughout the day:

“I expect good things to happen to me today.”
“I expect to cross paths with great people today.”
“I expect to receive some amazing opportunities today.”
“I expect today to be a wonderful day in every way!”

Be Open to the Unexpected

People who have the Midas touch never worry about the unexpected. They have a strong belief that they can handle anything that comes their way. When challenges or setbacks occur, they simply readjust their course and continue on their way. Even if their path seems completely blocked, they know it’s only temporary because they EXPECT more opportunities to show up again.

If you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stressed by unexpected changes or setbacks, start building up your confidence in your ability to handle anything and everything that happens to you.

Try affirmations like these:

“A challenge always presents an opportunity.”
“I am calm and confident in the face of uncertainty.”
“Every obstacle is a stepping stone to success.”
“I have full faith in my ability to persevere.”
“Nothing can stop me!”

Be Bold and Fearless

People with the Midas touch also have no fear about taking action and seizing opportunities when they present themselves. They don’t fidget and worry about whether an opportunity is “the right one”. They don’t resist taking action and they don’t let past regrets influence their actions TODAY. They see an opportunity and they boldly move forward!

If you tend to get overwhelmed easily and resist taking action, start practicing by taking baby steps every day. Choose one thing that makes you feel nervous and take action on it. For example, if public speaking makes you nervous, join a Toastmasters group – even if you don’t plan on speaking right away. If you’ve always wanted to write a book but you feel anxious about it, commit to writing the outline or the first few pages.

Take just the first baby step, and your confidence will start to grow. And with each step you take after that, it will grow some more – and eventually you will develop the bold, fearless mindset of a person with the Midas touch.

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