Embrace Your Full Potential

If you’ve ever tried unsuccessfully to create a bigger vision for your life, you are among the many people who struggle to recognize their full potential.

There are many reasons this happens, but most often it is the result of childhood conditioning or limiting inner beliefs. If your parents were always belittling your dreams of greatness, or if someone gave you the impression that you would never amount to anything, you may struggle to see any possible way to improve upon your life.

You know those people who seem to have it all together because they have endless amounts of passion and determination; the people who are always coming up with great ideas and aren’t afraid to act on them?

You have it within you right now to be just as powerful – and more! Even those super-achievers have the ability to do more than they’ve done, no matter how impressive their achievements may be to date.

ALL of us underestimate our potential. It’s a natural human tendency, probably because caution is a survival mechanism. If we’re not familiar with our true limits and we don’t bother to test them, we just assume that we have reached our highest potential.

However, how motivated would you be if you KNEW that you could accomplish anything you wanted? Would that knowledge change your perspective on limits? Would it push you to go beyond any dreams you’ve had in the past, or may be yearning for now?

What stops you is the belief that you’re only capable of so much. If you really knew that you could keep stretching yourself and your capabilities, you’d think nothing of taking on huge challenges every day of your life!

If you want to reach your highest potential in life, you will need to start expanding your perceptions of what you’re capable of.

Probably the least painful way to do this is to start small and work your way up. Grab a sheet of paper and consider what you believe yourself to be capable of right now. Think about the dreams you have for your life, and the goals you want to work toward. Write them down if you do believe they are possible.

Then review your list. Can any of those goals be expanded? Can they be taken to a higher level gradually? Jot down some ideas for how you might expand upon your goals as you go along. Then, once you believe you’re capable of that, expand your perception a little bit more, and then a little bit more…and so on.

Go through the same process with your own skills and talents, and see if you can work on expanding any of them. You may be surprised to learn that you’ve got a lot more potential than you realized.

Over time, you can keep expanding the perception of your potential simply by choosing to recognize that more is possible. The more potential you can see for yourself and your life, the more motivated you will be to do something about it.

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