Positive Thinking is a Choice

Because of the type of writing I do, you may think that I have a perfect life. You may imagine me wearing a flowing, romantic gown as I glide through my abundant private gardens, pausing to smell the roses occasionally, and reflecting on the deeper meaning of life.

Yes, I do that, but only on Wednesdays. (grin)

The rest of the time, I am feeling my way through this grand adventure we call Life, just like everyone else.

I have bad days. I get cranky without enough sleep, and I drink too much coffee to make up for it. I get impatient when my husband leaves his socks on the floor after I’ve asked him to pick them up for the millionth time. I get caught in traffic jams, deal with rude people, and feel exasperated when things don’t go according to plan. I’m just like you!

But I also choose to look on the bright side as often as I can. Why? Because it makes me feel happier. And that is why I write so much about positive thinking, optimism, and the other motivational topics I cover. I want you to feel happier too.

I fear that I have given the impression that being optimistic means that we won’t ever have challenges to overcome, or obstacles to get through; that our lives will become beautiful expressions of divine purpose if we can just get our thoughts in order. It’s just not true.

The greatest secret of life is learning how to love each moment despite our challenges.

It’s learning to cherish the good times, and push determinedly through the rough patches.

It’s learning to overcome pessimism and doubt, and focus on joy and faith.

I truly believe that we attract the types of experiences we have according to the types of thoughts we focus on the most.

But let’s put that aside and instead think about it this way: it just FEELS better to be happy and optimistic, rather than angry and pessimistic. Doesn’t it?

Think about the best day you’ve ever had, and the worst day you can remember. Then compare how you felt on each day. Which would you choose if you had to set a theme for your life?

In the end, it’s all about choices. Just like we can choose which clothing to wear each day, we can choose our mood and attitude. We can choose whether to create a life of joy, or a life of sorrow. It’s up to us, moment to moment.

No, I’m not “always” upbeat and happy. But most of the time, I do choose to be.

Blessings and love to you all! 🙂

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