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3 Common Affirmation Myths

Since affirmations first became popular a few decades ago, there has been a lot of confusion and disagreement about how they should be used. You’ve probably heard some of this advice from experts before: affirmations must always be stated in present tense; they must be repeated 100 times each day; they must be spoken aloud; they must never… Read More »

Affirmations to Clear Limiting Beliefs

The traditional purpose of affirmations is to create new, empowering beliefs that will override the old, limiting beliefs you may have formed during your life time. For example, if you want to be more confident you would recite a phrase like, “I am strong, confident and successful in everything I do,” in the hopes that it would “sink… Read More »

Supercharging Your Affirmations

In a recent article, I revealed a simple process for writing your own powerful affirmations. I discussed the importance of getting clear about your existing beliefs, writing affirmations to replace those old beliefs with new empowering ones, writing affirmations in the present tense, the importance of consistent repetition, and the necessity of believing in the words you’re saying.… Read More »