Affirmations for Happiness

Can the use of affirmations make you feel happy? Absolutely! However, they can’t be just any old affirmations, and they cannot be too far outside the realm of your dominant thoughts.

For example, let’s say your dominant thought patterns are somewhere along the lines of being stressed, irritable, tired, and overwhelmed. If you try reciting an affirmation that says something like, “I feel light, joyful and happy today!” – your mind is going to reject the statement because you know darn well that’s not how you feel.

However, if you choose something a little more realistic and a bit more empowering, it might work better. For example, “I choose to let go of the things I can’t control and do my best to feel good today.” That feels a little less intense, right? A little more do-able?

For affirmations to be effective, they should trigger a feeling within you, and that feeling should be slightly better than the way you were feeling before you said it.

So, if you are currently feeling pressured, you would want to recite an affirmation that eases that pressure and leaves you feeling a bit lighter or more peaceful. Perhaps something like this would work: “I choose to detach from pressure and feel calm instead.” Keep saying that, and you should notice your feelings of being pressured are easing slightly.

Then, if you like you can continue that positive progression by choosing another affirmation that feels a little better. “I allow myself to feel calm and happy right now.”

Here are a few other examples:

I am willing to let go and focus on my inner peace.

I am starting to feel better and better each day.

I can choose to feel happy no matter what else is happening around me.

I do love feeling happy and inspired.

All is well, no matter how things may appear outwardly.

I deserve to feel happy.

I allow myself to feel happy right now.

My happiness is a choice I can make at any moment.

You can even write your own affirmations, or create them on the fly while you’re going about your normal routine. Just think about how you feel right now, and how you would like to feel, and craft a simple statement that will bridge the gap. Take your time with it – don’t try to leap straight from anger to joy, or despair to peace. Go along little by little, steadily choosing affirmations that make you feel a bit better, and a bit better, until finally you feel that inner shift toward happiness.

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