How to Overcome Stubborn Problems

Like most other people, you are probably not completely satisfied with where you are in life right now.

Hopefully, much of your life is working okay for you, and you’ve probably got plenty of good things going for you. But maybe some areas of your life are a little frustrating, unfulfilling, maybe even stressful or worrisome.

Maybe you’re already working on improving these areas, or maybe you’re at a loss about exactly what you can do.

One major thing you can do to make your journey easier is to change the way you feel about these areas of your life.

No, I’m not talking about pretending that they don’t bother you, or “acting as if” things are all rosy when they’re definitely not.

I’m talking about actually shifting the way you feel about these circumstances, for real.

Ah… How exactly does one go about doing that? 🙂

It begins with your thoughts.

Obviously, you can’t help but notice that certain areas of your life are not as you wish them to be. And of course, every time you focus on those areas, you probably feel frustrated or stressed about them.

But there’s a very simple way you can change that, and it starts with softening the thoughts you think about those subjects.

For example, right now your thoughts on those subjects are probably pretty negative. You may have repetitive thoughts along these lines: “I’m so sick of never having enough money. I really don’t like my job but I don’t know what else to do. I wish I could find the kind of relationship I want. I’m tired of this chronic pain but I don’t know how to make it go away…”

And of COURSE your thoughts are negative on those subjects, because you’re not happy about them, right?

But if you try even a little bit to start choosing more soothing thoughts, more gentle thoughts on those subjects, you would start to soften the resistance and begin feeling better fast – AND you would start seeing some positive changes happening outwardly as a result!

What do I mean by “soothing thoughts”?

Really, it’s as simple as easing more in the direction of hopeful and patient rather than frustrated and stressed.

Here’s a good example of soothing thoughts:

“All right, this situation is really frustrating but I know there must be solutions that would help me turn it around. I’m going to stop dwelling on this problem for a little while. I’m going to set it aside and focus on something more positive. Overall, things are going pretty well for me. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. I do believe that things can continue to improve. Somehow things usually do work out for me, even it takes some time to get where I want to go. I’m going to do my best to let go of the stress, let go of the frustration, and just be open to solutions. There are opportunities, ideas, and insights literally everywhere in this world. It’s very possible that just one of these ideas could help me move past this challenge. That would be so awesome. I’m going to put my focus there for a little while, on being open to great ideas and solutions. I don’t know how or when it will show up, but I’m going to believe it’s possible and I’m going to practice being ready to run with it when it does…”

Notice that these types of thoughts are not SUPER positive, but they at least start easing your focus in a more positive direction.

And that’s all it usually takes to get the ball rolling!

Within a very short time of practicing this type of technique, you’ll notice that you start feeling markedly better. Less stressed, less weighed down, less burdened.

And it won’t be long before you’ll start noticing certain things that can help you, such as a random idea that just pops into your mind, or the right person showing up, or even a book or course that has the answers you seek. It can happen in many different ways.

So, try that handy little technique with one or more of your current challenges, and see if it can help you start turning the tide in a better direction. 🙂

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