Perception is Everything

How many times have your own thoughts worked against you? Whether you turned a mild concern into a major anxiety attack or you let fear hold you back from doing something you really wanted to do, your perceptions have everything to do with your life as it is today.

The way you see the world around you determines the way you feel about yourself, your potential, and your progress. A perception of limitation will convince you that you can’t move forward. A perception of lack can convince you that your life is barren and empty of opportunities. A perception of injustice will convince you that you’ll always lose – one way or another.

What would happen if you changed these perceptions from negative to positive? A perception of limitless abundance and opportunities would convince you that you have plenty of potential for growth and happiness. A perception of self-assurance would convince you that you always have what it takes to succeed. A perception of increasing wisdom through experience would convince you that failures are simply stepping stones to something greater.

You might think this is wishful thinking or living in denial – but your own thoughts have the power to control your actions, which will control your results. Your thoughts have the power to make your journey fun and exciting, or horribly frustrating and pointless.

When it comes right down to it, you have a choice in how you view any situation, challenge, goal or opportunity. There are two sides to every coin – heads or tails, positive or negative. You can choose to see the potential, or the difficulties. You can choose to focus squarely on the blessings or the hardships. You can absorb life-changing lessons, or add one more negative experience to your list of woes.

Every moment holds a simple choice: let your perceptions empower you or hinder you. Which will you choose today?

“Men are not prisoners of fate, but prisoners of their own minds.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

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