It’s Time to Recognize Your Value

Have you ever paused to consider your value as a person? Not your salary, your net worth or your assets, for those are all transitory.

What are YOU worth?

You may think that you are not worth much, that you don’t make a difference in the world, or that people would barely notice if you disappeared. However, such a belief is formed when you focus more on the value of your works, rather than the value of the worker (you!).

Of course, devoting your time and energy to meaningful pursuits is great, but it is more important to focus on who you are as you do them. From the most mundane task to the grandest endeavor, you infuse each one with a little piece of yourself.

If you are a small person, your impact on the world will be small. If you are a great person, your impact on the world will be great. Becoming a “great” person does not mean you must perform miracles or save the world, but rather simply be yourself. Recognize and honor the parts of yourself that are unique. Listen to your inner voice and connect with the part of you who knows how to best use the special gifts only you can share with the world.

There is no mystery in the process unless you continue to turn away from your greatness. If you are instead willing to embrace it, your heart center will open and you will be shown the way to your greatest joy.

When you open to your greatest joy, you cannot help but share it with others. It is infused in every word you speak, every embrace you give, every smile you share. It is infused in your creative works, your job duties, and your children.

It flows effortlessly from you and reaches out to touch everyone you encounter. Not only do you give them the gift of your divine essence during these exchanges, you show them how to recognize and share their own. Your true value as a person lies not only in who you are, but who you might encourage others to become also.

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