Can a Spiritual Practice Make You Happier?

When you’re striving to create a greater sense of happiness in your life, paying attention to your spiritual practice may be beneficial because it’s often been purported that spiritual people are generally happier than people without a defined spiritual practice.

Boost Your Happiness by Giving to Others

There are many ways to create a greater sense of happiness in your life, but one of the simplest and most powerful is by giving to others. Why does giving to others make you feel happier?

3 Ways to Be Lighthearted

Are you yearning for a greater sense of happiness in your life but feel weighed down by problems? Try adopting an attitude of lightheartedness and watch how quickly it can inject an element of fun and whimsy into your life.

Happiness and Attitude Go Hand-in-Hand

When it comes to feeling happy and content, your attitude plays an important role. A negative attitude keeps you focused on the negative side of your situation.

Happiness and the Well-Balanced Life

When striving to create a greater sense of happiness in your life, the power of living a balanced life should not be overlooked. An unbalanced, chaotic lifestyle is one sure way to create stress…

Find Happiness Through the Power of Simplicity

In our ongoing quest for happiness and contentment, we often find ourselves accumulating ever increasing piles of “stuff.” How easy it is to forget that when it comes to happiness, simplicity is key!

3 Crucial Factors for Happiness

When you think about being happy, you probably think about external factors in your life, such as having a comfortable place to live, money to fund your lifestyle, and more.

Happiness is Already Here

Years ago, when I rented my first apartment and moved out on my own, my mother bought me a bluebird of happiness glass figurine, which has held a place of honor in every home I’ve had since.