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Lottery and Law of Attraction: Avoid These 7 Mistakes

Is it really possible to win the lottery using the Law of Attraction? I’ve seen plenty of “experts” say no – that it’s a “selfish” goal, that you’re trying to “get something for nothing” which the universe won’t support, and other reasons that seem plausible at first glance. However, I happen to disagree with all of these reasons… Read More »

Ten Ways We Hinder the Law of Attraction

“Why isn’t the Law of Attraction working for me?” This cry of frustration is uttered often by people who are learning to consciously create better lives using the Law of Attraction. After spending weeks trying to raise their vibration, focus their minds and bring forth a better reality, they can’t understand why they’re not seeing results. Or sometimes… Read More »

Are You Making These Mistakes in Manifesting?

by Zoe Herbert Routh Knowing that like attracts like, and that everything is energy is all very well. It is however your thoughts and feelings that are the real tools in attracting all you desire. The impact of thoughts and feelings If everything is energy, either moving in to form, through form, and out of form, then we… Read More »