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Learn Law of Attraction with a Manifestation Journal

Learning to use the Law of Attraction can often be confusing and frustrating. Even if you understand the general idea of what you’re supposed to do (ask, believe, let go, receive), it’s not always so clear when you’re constantly bumping up against stressful situations that threaten your focus. When things around you aren’t so rosy, it’s easy to… Read More »

Ten Ways We Hinder the Law of Attraction

“Why isn’t the Law of Attraction working for me?” This cry of frustration is uttered often by people who are learning to consciously create better lives using the Law of Attraction. After spending weeks trying to raise their vibration, focus their minds and bring forth a better reality, they can’t understand why they’re not seeing results. Or sometimes… Read More »

The Importance of Action in Manifestation

When we first decide to make positive changes in our lives, we usually underestimate the amount of effort it will take. It’s easy to dream and imagine a better life, but we also need to give form to our thoughts with decisive action. And that’s where most of us get stuck. Imagine that you wanted to build a… Read More »

Are You Making These Mistakes in Manifesting?

by Zoe Herbert Routh Knowing that like attracts like, and that everything is energy is all very well. It is however your thoughts and feelings that are the real tools in attracting all you desire. The impact of thoughts and feelings If everything is energy, either moving in to form, through form, and out of form, then we… Read More »

The Power and Ease of Alignment

Do you know why the Law of Attraction sometimes seems not to work? Most of the time, it’s because the person using it is not in ALIGNMENT with the outcome they are trying to manifest. Has this ever happened to you? You decide you want to manifest a great goal. Perhaps more money, a new home, a slender… Read More »