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Create an Easy Gratitude Practice That Works

Most people would probably agree that a daily gratitude practice is beneficial and can change your life in powerful ways. But many people would also argue that it’s a major challenge to keep up with a gratitude practice. It’s not easy to feel grateful when you’re overwhelmed by stress, negativity, and struggle. Maybe you’ve even tried keeping a… Read More »

Start with Just One Day of Gratitude

Has adopting an attitude of gratitude been a challenge for you? Do you start each day with the best of intentions and then find yourself losing focus as you encounter more and more negativity? The problem stems from trying to change the habits of a lifetime in one fell swoop! If you’ve spent a large portion of your… Read More »

Let Gratitude Be Your Mirror

Have you ever heard that the people and situations in our lives mirror back what we project out? You can probably remember plenty of times when this seemed to be so. For example, perhaps you awoke one morning in a grumpy mood – and then proceeded to encounter one grumpy person after another during the rest of the… Read More »

How Gratitude Can Improve Your Attitude

Few things can affect your overall quality of life as powerfully as your attitude can. Your attitude affects your career, your relationships, your hobbies, and even your financial status. Most people discover that when they improve their attitude, everything else in their lives seems to improve also. A daily practice of gratitude is one simple way to give… Read More »

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

What does Gratitude really mean? Most of us are thankful for the blessings we have in our lives. We have families we love, jobs that help us provide the necessities of daily living, good health, friends to laugh and play with, freedom and Free Will to live our lives the way we want to. Most of us are… Read More »

How to Choose an Attitude of Gratitude

How often are you grateful? Like many people, you probably focus on gratitude when something great happens in your life, and maybe once a day on Thanksgiving. If you are part of a rare group of people, you might actually keep a daily gratitude journal and take time to reflect on your blessings regularly. These are beneficial habits,… Read More »