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Developing a Success Mindset

Articles on developing a success mind-set, motivation, overcoming challenges, persistence, determination, expanding comfort zones.

  • Where Did the Dreamer Go?
    Last year I had a phone call from a guy that I had gone school with but had not seen for twenty plus years. He had heard me on the radio and decided to make contact.
  • Courage: Doing What You Think You Cannot Do
    Doing that which you fear, or think you cannot, will help you develop qualities such as: creativity, patience, fortitude, compassion, humility, generosity, determination, tolerance, acceptance, collaboration, curiosity, and boldness.
  • Perseverance: Are Your Goals Worth Fighting For
    Think about the goals you've had in the past - the ones you didn't achieve. Be honest with yourself about why you didn't achieve them.
  • Benefits of Relaxation
    With the rushed busyness of our hectic lifestyle, we often underestimate the power of relaxation. Most of us have a massive to-do list each day, and we feel we can't afford to slow our pace or we'll quickly fall behind.
  • Successful Decision Making Process
    Decision-making seems like it should be a simple process, but sometimes we can find ourselves vacillating back and forth between one or more choices, truly unable to make a solid decision.
  • Developing a Motivated Mind-set
    From time to time, each of us will find ourselves in a rut of boredom and disinterest. We seem to lose our zest for life and feel tired, irritable and unmotivated. We want to hide under the covers rather than face the day.
  • Seeing Challenges as Opportunities
    Are you a person who loves challenges, or hates them? I must admit I've spent most of my life as a person who hates them. I always thought of challenges as frustrating, maddening obstacles keeping me from where I want to be.
  • Determination and Perseverance
    When we first begin working toward a goal, we are filled with passion, fire and excitement. We feel invincible and we just know that we can accomplish whatever we desire. We take off running toward our goal, determined to make it happen, and we know we CAN make it happen.
  • Action vs Apathy
    How many times have you felt truly defeated by the circumstances in your life? You know, the "I don't know why I bother to keep trying, I'm going back to bed and staying there" feeling.
  • Letting Your Inner Light Shine
    This week something interesting happened to me. I made a gift for someone, and they absolutely loved it. As they exclaimed over it and admired it, they asked if it had taken me long to make. I shrugged and said, "Just a few hours" - when in fact I spent more than 30 hours working on it.
  • Starting Over, New Beginnings
    I recently had the pleasure of seeing the movie, 50 First Dates starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. This movie contains a beautiful metaphor for new beginnings. How much baggage do we bring to each new day in our own lives?
  • Finding Your Life Purpose
    The meaning of life is a mystery that continues to perplex even the brightest minds of our time. As interesting as that insight would be, I think most of us would settle for knowing, "What is the meaning of my life?"
  • Missing the Opportunity of a Lifetime
    Periodically during the course of our lives we are granted the "opportunity of a lifetime." It's a chance that doesn't come our way very often, and usually one that would result in tremendous benefits for us, if we can manage to grasp it before it slips away.
  • Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zones
    Let's face it, there will always be things we fear in life. Some of us fear the obvious "biggies" like heights, spiders, fires or flying. However, many of us develop fears around things that shouldn't hinder us, but often do.
  • Risk Taking: The Courage to Try
    Have you ever held back on something because it was too risky? I think we all have at one time or another. The word "risk" usually indicates that we have something to lose, and many of us shy away from that. We don't want to lose.
  • The Real Secret of Success
    Recently I was thinking about successful people versus unsuccessful people. What is the difference? What is the secret ingredient to success? Why are some people successful, while others stay stuck in unpleasant circumstances?
  • The Amazing Power of Persistence
    How often do we give up when we seem to be making no progress? I am very guilty of that myself. The obstacles seem too large, the road too rocky, so we convince ourselves that "it's not meant to be." But what if we persisted instead of giving up?

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